7 Fab Ways to Use Makeup Pigments ...


Learning how to use makeup pigments in all new and different ways is what it's all about, girls! I love all of the brand new MAC makeup pigments that are out, but I was always curious how I could use these pigments in other ways, besides on my eyes. If you're wondering how to use makeup pigments in a different and unique way, take a look below! My top 7 ways to use makeup pigments will blow you away!

1. Nail Colors

I've always wanted to create my very own nail colors. The nail colors on the shelves sometimes just don't do it for me. This is one of the most creative tips on how to use makeup pigments in a different way techniques, girls! Just add a bit of the makeup pigments to a clear nail polish and you've got a brand new nail color! How cool, right? I love mixing up a great purple or pink nail color!

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