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What do you do when you love your lip liner so much that you wish it was a lipstick?

You wear it as a lipstick, of course!

With a few little tricks you can do this and no one will be the wiser.

It takes a bit of practice to get this look down but you can do it.

1. Choose a Liner You Love

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The first thing you want to do is choose a liner that you love.

You may already know which one you’d love to wear as a full lip color.

If not, choose a fave and you can get started.

It’s a bit like using a lip crayon except the color is more concentrated and it takes a bit longer to apply.

However, because the color is more concentrated, it can actually make for a long wearing lip look.

2. Prep with Lip Balm

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Before you go any further, you want to prep your lips with a lip balm.

Lip liner is typically much drier than lipstick and doesn’t have the creamy feel that we love.2

Choose a lip balm that’s moisturizing but not too wet.

Regular Chapstick would actually work wonderfully.

One light layer is enough.

3. Line Your Lips

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You still want to line your lips as if you were going to fill them in with a lipstick.

This helps you to make sure that your lips still have the definition and shape you want them to have.

Your lip liner will probably glide on a bit more quickly due to the lip balm.

It could go off course a little easier so apply it carefully.

4. Fill in, Working from the outside in

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Next, you want to begin filling your lips in like you would with a lipstick.2

Work from the outside in and take your time.

Lip liner isn’t as smooth as lipstick.

I’ve actually had it stick in a spot and cause a bit of a pinch.

Going slowly can prevent that from happening.

Correct Any Mistakes
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