7 All-natural Organic Vegan Lip Balms That You Must Try ...


7 All-natural Organic Vegan Lip Balms That You Must Try ...
7 All-natural Organic Vegan Lip Balms That You Must Try ...

Why all-natural, organic vegan lip balms, you ask? Well, for many reasons. Unfortunately no one is perfect, and some people are born with allergies that prevent them from using most makeups. Others prefer to buy products that are animal cruelty free, and most prefer to use products that contain all-natural and consumer friendly ingredients. Vegan means that these products do not contain animal-derived ingredients such as lanolin, beeswax, carmine, and many more. Animal ingredients can be amongst the most allergenic and skin reactive, and prevent makeup from being considered Kosher, Halal or otherwise meeting the standard qualifications of any dietary and sanitary regulations. But if everything I’m saying sounds like Greek to you, give this list of mostly vegan lip balms a chance and see how your lips feel!

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Crazy Rumors Ginger Peach

Peach, Food, Fruit, Grapefruit, Plant, I love the way ginger peach vegan lip balms feel on my lips, and fortunately this particular brand makes an awesome mixture that feels amazing. Without a doubt my lips stay moist and hydrated for hours, while other lip balms with synthetic ingredients actually dried out my lips for hours! Vegan lip balms featuring combinations made with ginger can sometimes sting your lips because of its natural spice, so if you’re super sensitive, opt for just the peach and skip the ginger.


The Crazy Rumors Ginger Peach lip balm is perfect for those who favor natural, organic products with a delightful twist. The formula is enriched with hydrating ingredients that provide a lusciously smooth texture that effortlessly glides onto your lips. Ginger adds a subtly warm sensation, enhancing the experience, while the peach provides a sweet, fruity aroma. This combination not only soothes the lips but also invigorates the senses. Plus, the ingredients are ethically sourced and cruelty-free, making this balm a guilt-free indulgence for eco-conscious beauty enthusiasts.


Eco Lips with Organic Pomegranate

Product, Material property, Cosmetics, Shuttlecock, I’m not saying vegan lip balms are the saving elixirs for this lifetime, but brands like Eco Lips provide a solid product that you won’t regret spending the extra money for. This particular lip balm is made with everything you could ever want and think of for a lip balm. Pomegranate has been proven to naturally heal chapped and chafed lips without making your lips red or uncomfortable. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Eco Lips is available in most pharmacies and when in doubt, they have an awesome user-friendly website.


Packed with the goodness of organic pomegranate, the Eco Lips balm isn't just about hydration; it's about healing. Its formula, free from harmful chemicals and full of natural antioxidants, leaves your lips feeling rejuvenated and supple. The inclusion of antioxidant-rich vitamin E and soothing essential oils means chapped lips don't stand a chance. Plus, it's Earth-friendly! This organic pomegranate-infused treasure isn't merely a product; it's a conscious choice towards a healthier, more sustainable beauty routine. So pucker up and enjoy the sweet, guilt-free embrace of nature on your lips.


Vegan Hemp Lip Balm Vanilla

Food, Cream, Petal, Dessert, Party favor, Ah, we finally arrive at one of my favorite vegan lip balms on the market! Some people prefer fruity or minty products when it comes to their lips, but I absolutely love flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, and anything with the words sugar and cookie (which isn’t so common but definitely still available). Products like lip balms that include hemp almost guarantee that they are organic, all-natural, and definitely vegan. If you are having doubts, definitely check the ingredients list. Hemp is a great substitution for the usually junk that’s in most lip care products; it feels exactly the same but its ingredients are so much better.


The Vegan Hemp Lip Balm Vanilla not only tantalizes your senses with its warm, sweet aroma but also delivers a powerhouse of hydration. Hemp seed oil, renowned for its omega fatty acids, works in tandem with natural plant extracts to provide a barrier that nourishes and protects against harsh elements. This balm glides on with a creamy texture, leaving lips feeling soft, supple, and thoroughly moisturized, without any of the stickiness. And for those wary of chemicals, this gem boasts a clear, concise ingredient list that's easy on the conscience. Indulge in guilt-free vanilla bliss every time you swipe it on!


LUSH None of Your Beeswax Softening Lip Balm

Material property, Label, Food, Metal, There are LUSH stores all over New York City and every time I see one, I feel almost obligated to go in and pick up some vegan lip balms. Just like in its name, this softening vegan lip balm is exactly what you’re looking for. Although products like Burt’s Bees have their own benefits and feel great, trying something new similar to this product can never hurt, and it’s crucial if you are trying to live a vegan lifestyle (beeswax is an animal product!).


The None of Your Beeswax balm not only keeps your lips hydrated but also offers a guilt-free beauty solution for those conscious about animal welfare and the environment. Packed with a rich blend of extra virgin coconut oil, murumuru butter, and natural flavors, it's the perfect treat for self-care aficionados who prioritize both sustainability and indulgence. As you pamper your pout with this creamy concoction, you'll be delighted by its ethereal scent and the way it just glides on without any of the stickiness. Whether you're braving the city winds or prepping for a night out, it's an essential addition to any purse.


Etsy Vanilla Peppermint Lip Balm by NakedEyeBeauty

Hand, Material property, Technology, Electronics, Finger, Back to this awesome combination for vegan lip balms, vanilla and peppermint complement each other like nothing else. Although I would never eat the two together in foods, that rule definitely does not apply when it comes to makeup. Etsy has everything from fashion to makeup to jewelry and beyond, and it’s very popular amongst my friends for online shopping. So I’m not surprised at all that they would be able to accommodate my unique lifestyle with their vegan lip balms.


The marriage of sweet vanilla and invigorating peppermint is one that satisfies the senses in this delightful lip balm from NakedEyeBeauty, available on Etsy. It's a real treat for compassionate consumers looking for cruelty-free and organic cosmetics. Plus, its refreshing tingle is just perfect for perking up your pout throughout the day. Whether you're into sustainable living or simply adore handmade items, this vegan lip balm stands out with its ethical ingredients and chic, minimalist packaging that speaks volumes about your personal style.


Hurraw! Grapefruit Vegan Organic Lip Balm

Product, Orange, Water, Material property, Liquid, How cute is the name of these vegan lip balms? Even though we are back to the traditional fruity flavors, I am happy to announce that Hurraw! sells a wide range of flavors of vegan lips balms. Every time I check out their site, I have such a hard time not buying anything. I’m definitely a frugal shopper so when I see the sales and deals all over the internet, I need a friend to drag me away. But all kidding aside, vegan lip balms are worth the investment, and how can you resist when Hurraw! sells bundles and bundles for such low prices?


Hurraw!'s Grapefruit Vegan Organic Lip Balm not only smells deliciously citrusy but also offers hydrating properties that keep your lips feeling smooth and supple throughout the day. Made with organic and raw ingredients like sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and jojoba seed oil, it's guilt-free pampering for your pout. With no synthetic fragrances or artificial colors, this balm is as good to your health as it is to the environment. Plus, their cute, eco-friendly packaging is a delightful bonus that makes you feel like you're treating yourself with every application.


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar from Sephora

Pink, Beauty, Cosmetics, Product, Orange, Another awesome name! Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, maybe it’s not as cute as Hurraw! but it’s still quirky and intriguing. I may have cheated a bit with this last choice because I am just such a huge fan of O.C.D. cosmetics. Lip Tar is not exactly completely under the category of vegan lip balms, but the best advice I can give anyone (and I tell my friends this all the time), is put on a coat or two of your favorite all-natural vegan organic lip balm, and then lightly dab on some O.C.D. lip tar. Lip Tar is conveniently found at Sephora and the saleswomen will happily tell you all the benefits of this animal cruelty-free product. Believe it or not, it comes in a large array of bright colors.

So have I convinced you? Even if I haven’t sold you on all my favorite vegan lip balms, I wasn’t really here to do that. My main goal in makeup and lip care is one word: education. It’s not every day that people go out of their way to find all-natural organic and vegan lip balms, but once you’ve tried using these, I’m telling you, you’ll never go back to any synthetic chemical based makeup. So what’s your favorite brand or flavor? Are you living a vegan lifestyle? Are any of your friends vegans? Share your thoughts and experiences!

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Hurraw is my fave. Love the coconut one.

I was just wondering how small the Hurraw is, it looks pretty small

I love hurraw... Inexpensive and delicious scents!

I've recently learned that Burt's Bees Wax tinted lip balm is amazing. I have very fair skin and the Pink Blossom color works amazing with it!

where can I find some of these products?

I love the lip tar! I have one, but in a coral like color.

All lush lip balms are great!as the majority of their product..the really work and smell amazing!

I love lush and OCC!

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