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15 Benefits of Using Makeup Primer before You Apply Your Makeup ...

By Heather

Perhaps you’ve been at the beauty counter before and have seen makeup primer, but aren’t really aware of all the benefits using a makeup primer. If that’s the case, more than likely, you’re not going to want to pay extra for an item you might not think you need. Quite honestly, until I worked for Estee Lauder, neither did I. Then, I got a free sample of makeup primer and I was hooked. Recently, I stopped using it and can really tell a difference in my skin, which brought me back to purchasing it again. Makeup primer is one item I will no longer go without, and if you’re wondering if there are really any benefits to using a makeup primer, I’d like to enlighten you: there are! Here are my top favorite reasons to use one, along with specific product recommendations.

1 Seals Pores

One of the main benefits of using a makeup primer is it seals your pores. I’ve never had large pores, but if you choose a liquid foundation, you already know that no matter how small your pores are, liquid foundation can make them more visible. Makeup primer takes care of all that by sealing pores and creating almost a blanket over them.

2 Softens Skin

Another reason I love makeup primer is for the way it softens your skin. It seems to make it velvety soft, which enhances the smooth effects it has on your makeup appearance.

3 Smoother Makeup

While we’re talking about how smooth it makes your makeup look, that’s another benefit all in itself. Using a makeup primer before you apply makeup makes your entire face look like velvet. It’s really such an alluring appearance, it’s hard to go without using one after you get used to it.

4 Non- Comedogenic

Most makeup primers (though not all) are non-comedogenic, which means they won’t break your face out or irritate your skin. They also won’t clog pores at all for this reason, so don't worry if your skin is prone to clogged pores or acne.

5 Anti-aging

Most makeup primers don’t really have anti-aging properties, though some may include anti-aging ingredients. Yet what they do is make your skin appear much more youthful since they smooth out fine lines. This creates a more youthful appearance and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

6 Makeup Stays on Longer

The main reason for using a primer is because it helps your makeup stay on longer. Primers help decrease sweating through the pores, which makes your makeup stay in place longer. They also act as a natural shield for dust, water and debris that might make your makeup wear off.

7 Light in Weight

If you’re worried about a makeup primer making you feel like you have a mask on, don’t! They create a nice, soft finish to the skin that’s almost like a velvety, super soft lotion. Honestly, my skin feels lighter and more beautiful with a makeup primer, than without.

8 Easy to Apply

Another reason to use a makeup primer is they are incredibly easy to apply. They go on almost exactly like lotion on your face, but they are much lighter and not greasy at all. They go on as liquid, and then quickly dry after that. Don’t worry, it’s nothing like glue on your face, or anything like that. Instead, they feel like a pillowy cloud of softness that’s almost like an exotic treat.

9 Reduce Redness

Another benefit to using makeup primers is they reduce redness and won’t irritate your skin. Truly, I hope you decide to give them a try if you have redness issues, since they seem to help dramatically.

10 Lessens Acne Appearance

If you suffer from acne, makeup primers can help lessen the appearance. While they don’t help fight acne, they do help conceal it better and more subtly than concealer, though I’d suggest still using that after you apply primer.

11 Any Skin Type or Color

The absolute best part about using a makeup primer is they work with any skin type, along with any skin color. There are no shades to choose from, so selections are easy. If you’d like to know the best brands of primer to use, read on for my favorites.

12 Estee Lauder Idealist

While this is technically not labeled as a primer, it is actually. It was the first primer I was introduced to before Estee Lauder came out with their own labeled “primer.” Idealist is every woman’s dream product. Truly, it is so pricey, but makes your skin feel like velvet. It also nourishes the skin, illuminates the skin to give you a natural glow and goes on weightless. It also protects, polishes and enhances youthfulness. It’s a luxury product, but one I definitely recommend trying if you can afford it. You can get 1.7 ounces for $60 at Estee Lauder.

13 Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer

Another wonderful product by Estee Lauder is their official makeup primer, which is newer on the market. It works much like Idealist above and truly, I can’t tell too much difference between the two. However, it is more affordable, which makes it worth a try if you’re short on money for a primer, but want a top quality brand to choose from. One ounce is just $34.

14 BareMinerals Prime Time

This is a much more affordable product, and great if you’re not as concerned with aging and fine lines and just want a basic primer. While it does help conceal fine lines and goes on smooth, it doesn’t contain specific anti-aging nutrients like the products above. It is, however, very easy to use, works like a dream and won’t irritate your skin. Plus, it’s mineral based and from one of the best mineral makeup companies out there, which makes it a top quality product to try. You can find it at bareMinerals, Ulta and Sephora.

15 Ulta Fabulous Face Foundation Primer

If you’re really on a budget like I am, this is your primer of choice! I love Ulta products, and their makeup primer is definitely one to try if you want a great primer without the price. It has all the same benefits of other primers, but doesn’t have specific anti-aging ingredients. I personally love it though, and if you want to try a primer but have never used one, definitely give this a try. It’s definitely worth the small amount of money and lasts a long time. Find yours for $12.50 at Ulta.

To apply your primer, just shower or wash your face as normal before your makeup routine. Dry your face, apply the primer in about a dime sized amount and then simply let it dry for about 3-5 minutes. I usually roll my hair in curlers or straighten it after I apply the primer, and when I get done, I’m ready to apply my foundation and continue on with my makeup routine. If you use makeup primer, what’s your favorite brand? Or, if you’ve never used makeup primer, do you think you might try one now?

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