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Readers are asking for some makeup tips for women with dark hair! Most makeup looks good on women with dark hair and light hair, however, the same product might have different results on someone with dark hair opposed to someone with light hair. Here are a few makeup tips for women with dark hair.

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Bold Lips

Bold Lips One of my favourite makeup tips for women with dark hair is don’t be afraid of bold lipsticks! Dark lipsticks, like a bold red lip, looks classy and elegant on someone with light hair. However, dark or bold lips is sexy and edgy on a darker haired woman. If you’re ever out on the town, skip the nude or pastels and go for a vibrant, bold lip!


Sultry Eye Makeup

Sultry Eye Makeup Your eye colour or the colour of your outfit might be contributing factors as to which eye shadow colours you like to wear. However, the colour of your hair makes a difference too. Dark eye shadow colours on girls with dark hair look sultry and dangerous. In fact, a good smokey eye is the perfect way to step up your makeup routine.



Vampy Growing up I always heard never to match a heavy, bold, or dark eye with a heavy, bold, or dark lip. However, I disagree to a certain extent... especially when it comes to women with dark hair! It’s important not to go too over board with your eye makeup if you’re going to do a bold lip and vice versa. However, I find that women with dark hair tend to pull off both a heavy lip and eye very well. In my opinion, it’s very “vampy” and seductive looking.


Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin If you have dark hair that surrounds your face, it’s important to make sure that your skin isn’t dull looking or else you’ll just look tired. Go for makeup products like bronzers or highlighters to add a bit of light back to your skin. Another way to make sure you have youthful, glowing skin is to exfoliate regularly and hydrate your skin daily.



Eyebrows If you have dark hair then you’ll need dark eyebrows to match. If you’re not naturally dark haired you might have to dye or fill in your eyebrows. With that being said, don’t go for a colour that’s too dark when dying or filling in your eyebrows. Not only will it look unnatural but you’ll also make your eyebrows look heavier thus resulting in a “concentrated” or “angry” appearance.


Cat Eye

Cat Eye Girls with dark hair are sexy and nothing is sexier than a cat eye! Unfortunately, the cat eye isn’t as easy as it looks and does take some practice. Experiment with different products like a pencil eye liner, liquid eye liner or gel eye liner to find what works best for you. Once you’ve mastered the cat eye, you’ll have the perfect look for both the day and night!



Bronzer If you have a fair complexion, darker hair might make you look a little bit paler than you’d like. If that’s the case, rather than opting for a darker foundation which will look unnatural and not match the rest of your skin, try bronzer! Bronzer will help to bring some colour to your face. Bronzers also help to make the skin look like it’s glowing!

The great thing about makeup is that you can experiment with different products and looks. Don’t be afraid to hunt for what looks best on you for the best results possible. What are some other makeup tips for women with dark hair?

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I think a cat eye looks great on anyone and everyone if it's slightly altered in the shape to match different people

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All excellent tips !

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