7 Terrible Eye Makeup Mistakes You May Be Making ...


Don’t you hate seeing eye makeup mistakes on women? Of course, very few of us are actually experts in this area but some eye makeup mistakes are easy to spot from a mile away. Sometimes we are actually making these mistakes but don’t realize it until we have a little bit of information to shed some light on the subject. Let’s talk about some of the most common eye makeup mistakes here.

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Not Wearing Any

Not Wearing Any One of the worst eye makeup mistakes is not wearing any. Almost everyone can benefit from a little eye makeup. Some of us need it more than others and some of us need less than others. I know for myself, my eyes disappear into my face without some eye makeup to give them definition. At the very least, most of us can use a couple coats of mascara.


1960's Blue

1960's Blue Need I say more? Don’t go there, ladies, just don’t go there! You can wear blue eye shadow in some very tasteful ways. but if you are wearing 1960's blue, it is time to change colors. If you are not sure what colors to wear, seek out help from a makeup counter associate.


Blue eyeshadow harkens back to a time of bold and experimental makeup trends, but the intense, bright blue shades reminiscent of the 60s can be jarring against modern fashion sensibilities. It's all about blending and choosing the right hue for your skin tone. Opt for subtler shades, like a soft sky or slate blue, and work on creating a gradient effect rather than a solid block of color. Remember, finesse is key, and with today's variety of palettes, you're sure to find a blue that complements rather than clashes. If you do wish to embrace a vintage vibe, do so with a twist that acknowledges the past while staying firmly planted in the present.


Too Much Sparkle

Too Much Sparkle I love sparkly eye shadow and it can be worn beautifully, but it is also possible to go too far with the sparkle. I think the best way to wear sparkle is moderately. If that is the only thing that people see when they look at you, it may be time to tone it down.


Being Heavy-Handed with the Eyeliner

Being Heavy-Handed with the Eyeliner I love, love, love eyeliner. I especially have a deep love for liquid eyeliner although all I usually have time for is the pencil. But there are certainly mistakes that can be made with eyeliner. One of the worst is wearing it too thick. You want people to look at you and see your beautiful eyes, not your dark, huge, heavy- handed eyeliner.


Spiky Eyelashes

Spiky Eyelashes Mascara is my absolute favorite eye makeup and I have often said that if I could only have one makeup to use for the rest of my life, it would be mascara. But you can certainly make mistakes with mascara, too. If the end result of your mascara is spiky lashes, you are probably wearing too much. I have to be careful about this one. Because I love mascara so much, I am often tempted to add just one more coat. I have learned to stop at three coats, maximum.


Too Much

Too Much Just like you can wear too little eye makeup, you can also wear too much. Your eye makeup should not look like a paint by number set with eyeliner and mascara applied so thick that your eyelids look heavy. You can wear several colors but wear them tastefully and blend them well. If you are unsure if you make this mistake with your eye makeup, ask a trusted but honest friend. Be sure to be open to their response, though.


Not considering Your Own Unique Eye Color and Shape

Not considering Your Own Unique Eye Color and Shape You know, we have to consider our own unique eye color and shape. For instance, I love the looks my sister creates with shades of pinks in her eye makeup, but I simply cannot wear them. Having blue eyes and fair sin, they make me look like I have a bad case of pink eye or at best, am very ill. If you are unsure what colors are best for you, do a little research. There is a lot of helpful information online on this very subject.

These are a few eye makeup mistakes that women make. What are some others that you have noticed? I am curious to hear your responses!

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For those saying that we're being sensitive and we're really insecure, that's not the case. It is simply rude to state that one must wear even the slightest amount of makeup just to feel accepted into this nasty, judgemental world that we live in. Yes, I do agree that wearing makeup, even if it's only mascara, once in a while when going on a date or just going out in general is nice to see, but there's nothing I can't stand more than if someone tells another woman that they will basically look unattractive without anything plastered onto their beautiful faces. Makeup used to never exist you know; but it's in this day and age that it's become such a huge deal because everyone's too fat, too ugly, too skinny, too plain - SHUT. UP. I'm beautiful with no makeup just as every other woman is. Enough with the envy and ridiculous remarks about why everyone is ugly and needs makeup. It's gotten so repulsive in the past few years now. Get over yourselves.

Big mistake for number one. The first on the list sets the tone for the entire article and you dun goofed

Girls are still beautiful whether or not they have make up on. We don't have to put on make up on all the time.

I disagree with number 1.

I wouldn't call these mistakes, more opinions

Girls get so defensive. No one said you're ugly without makeup. You take it that way because inside you feel kind of ugly. &As for the article, I disagree with some of these, especially considering the photos that were added. Not good examples of bad makeup. The too much eyemakeup girl looks gorgeous.

Should definitely mention eye brows and picking the right foundation. Being close to a make up artist has taught me so many helpful things about makeup that u wouldn't have thought about a appreciate the tips all the time because it only helps me improve even though I don't wear makeup everyday

This is so judgmental.

Sorry to say but I think almost every girl needs some makeup on her face. Obviously not every day but come on how hard is it to throw on a little mascara before leaving the house?

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