7 Bad Makeup Tips That Don't Work for Anyone ...

By Kayla

If you've been thinking about changing your makeup routine, it's important to be aware of bad makeup tips. While there are tons of great makeup tips and tricks that can be found in magazines and online sites, there are also some tips that don't work for anyone. Some of these bad makeup tips can age you and others can leave you feeling embarrassed. If you are considering adding any of these 7 makeup tips to your routine, you should think again.

1 Jet Black Lipstick

Jet Black Lipstick Lipstick is something that I rarely wear. I think it looks fabulous on most women, but I've never found a shade that I feel looks good on me or one that I'm comfortable wearing. Many women wear gorgeous shades of dark brown and deep cranberry during the fall and winter. This allows them to look great while making a statement. If you are looking for a dark lipstick to add to your collection, but want to avoid following any bad makeup tips, stay away from black lipsticks. Jet black lipsticks are too harsh and if you have pale skin they can make you look very washed out.

2 Too Much Blush

Too Much Blush Blush is a great way to enhance your natural features. When picking a blush it's important to choose a shade that complements your skin tone. If you choose the wrong shade of blush or apply to much, you could end up with a clown-like appearance. You also need to make sure that your blush, lipstick, and eye shadow complement one another. If not, your makeup may look harsh and too over-the-top.

3 Wearing the Wrong Foundation

Wearing the Wrong Foundation Choosing the right foundation is the first step to having great makeup. It's important to remember that not everyone can wear the same foundation. Even if a foundation looks great on your mom or your sister, it may not look right on you. The wrong foundation can make you look much older than you actually are. Your foundation should match your natural skin tone and shouldn't be used to give the appearance that you have a tan. It should also blend easily to avoid having a caked on appearance.

4 Not Changing Your Makeup to Match Your Age

Not Changing Your Makeup to Match Your Age As we age, we usually change the way we wear our hair and the way we dress. However, there are times when we forget that we need to change our makeup too. If you're in your 40s, you may find that the same makeup look that you embraced when you were 20 no longer looks the same. Many women find that they need a different type of foundation, as well. Black eyeliner has always been one of my staple makeup products, but I must admit that it doesn't look the same on me as it did 10 years ago. Lately, I have found myself using a brown eyeliner more because it looks softer and doesn't seem to draw as much attention to my wrinkles as the black eyeliner does.

5 Applying Too Much Bronzer

Applying Too Much Bronzer Bronzer is a great way to help give your skin a natural, healthy glow. The only problem with using bronzer is that many people tend to put too much on. This can easily make your face look orange or like you've applied way too much self-tanner. When you choose a bronzer, make sure that you don't select one that's more than two shades darker than your natural skin color. After you've applied bronzer be sure to go outside or by a window to check for streaks in a natural light.

6 Wearing a Smokey Eye Incorrectly

Wearing a Smokey Eye Incorrectly I love dramatic eye shadow and one of my favorite looks is a smokey eye, but this is one look you've got to be careful with. Wearing a smoky eye can be tricky and there are some things that you have to be careful of. You should never combine a smokey eye with a bold lipstick. Doing so can be too dramatic and you may look overdone. When wearing a smokey eye it's best to remember that “less is more” when choosing a lipstick shade.

7 Repeatedly Reapplying Powder

Repeatedly Reapplying Powder This is one mistake that I have been guilty of. I have naturally oily skin and thought that I needed to reapply powder to keep my skin from looking so oily. If you apply too much powder, your makeup can easily look liked it's caked. It can cause your pores to look bigger and make your blemishes stand out even more. If you find that you need to reapply powder often, be sure to reapply it lightly. You can also pick up some oil blotting sheets for about $5 at your local drug store. They are a great way to remove some of the excess oil from your skin, without messing up your makeup.

Have you been guilty of following any bad makeup tips? I know I have. What are some of the makeup mistakes that you made? I can't wait to hear your stories.

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