7 Kinds of Makeup to Avoid if You Have Large Pores ...

Individuals with larger pores should know which varieties of makeup to avoid in order to prevent breakouts and look your best. Larger pores mean your makeup is absorbed into your pores almost immediately. For people with smaller pores, they’re usually more able to use a broader range of varieties. If you have larger pores, you should know which types of makeup to avoid so you don’t waste your money or harm your skin. You don’t want to use makeup that enhances the appearance of pores, which many types of makeup can do. Just avoid these certain types of makeup, and you’ll look your best 24/7 with no issues!

1. Oil Based Varieties

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One of the first tips for learning what types of makeup to avoid is to know what is the base of the makeup. Oils, creams, powders and gels all differ. If you have dry skin, oil based makeups can actually help your skin, but if you have larger, deep pores, you need to be sure to avoid oil based makeups. Most varieties will tell you if they are oil based, but always check the label to make sure.

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