7 Kinds of Makeup to Avoid if You Have Large Pores ...


7 Kinds of Makeup to Avoid if You Have Large Pores ...
7 Kinds of Makeup to Avoid if You Have Large Pores ...

Individuals with larger pores should know which varieties of makeup to avoid in order to prevent breakouts and look your best. Larger pores mean your makeup is absorbed into your pores almost immediately. For people with smaller pores, they’re usually more able to use a broader range of varieties. If you have larger pores, you should know which types of makeup to avoid so you don’t waste your money or harm your skin. You don’t want to use makeup that enhances the appearance of pores, which many types of makeup can do. Just avoid these certain types of makeup, and you’ll look your best 24/7 with no issues!

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Oil Based Varieties

Oil Based Varieties One of the first tips for learning what types of makeup to avoid is to know what is the base of the makeup. Oils, creams, powders and gels all differ. If you have dry skin, oil based makeups can actually help your skin, but if you have larger, deep pores, you need to be sure to avoid oil based makeups. Most varieties will tell you if they are oil based, but always check the label to make sure.


Oil-based makeup can be beneficial for those with dry skin, but those with larger pores should take caution. Oil-based makeup can clog pores, leading to breakouts and other skin issues. Additionally, oil-based makeup is not always the best choice for those with oily skin, as it can actually make the skin oilier. It is important to read the labels carefully to determine if the makeup is oil-based or not. Some makeup companies may use natural oils, such as olive oil, in their products, so it is important to check the ingredients list as well.



Petroleum Many oils also contain petroleum as an emulsifier, which is usually found in oil form. Be sure to read the ingredient list on your makeup. Petroleum makes your skin look oily, makes your pores larger and even if you have dry skin, petroleum based make-ups are not healthy for your skin. It is linked to chemical imbalances in the body, and not made from a beneficial source for your skin.


It is important to be aware of the types of makeup that are not beneficial for your skin, especially if you have large pores. Petroleum is one such ingredient to be aware of. Petroleum is a by-product of oil and gas production and is found in many makeup products as an emulsifier. It can make the skin look oily, and make pores appear larger. Furthermore, it is linked to chemical imbalances in the body, making it a harmful makeup ingredient. It is best to avoid makeup products that contain petroleum, and instead opt for products that are made from natural and beneficial ingredients for the skin.


BB Creams

BB Creams Believe it or not, BB creams might not be the best option for people with large pores. Powder forms are actually helpful, but creams are not the best option. If you choose a BB product, which stands for beauty balm, be sure to choose a powder BB product, like Physician’s Formula BB powder.


Talc Based Products

Talc Based Products Makeup that includes talc is not beneficial for any skin type, but for people with larger pores, it can make pores seem more prominent, and it seeps down into pores easier, which is harmful to you. Talc has been linked to many health issues, makeup products should always be checked for talcum powder lawsuit criteria and talc should generally be avoided in your makeup when possible.



Creams Many palettes of makeup are cream-based, which almost always have oils in them. This exacerbates the size of pores and increases your chances of breaking out. It’s always best to avoid creams and choose powder or mineral-based options instead.


When it comes to makeup, it is important to choose the right products for your skin type. Those with large pores should avoid cream-based makeup as these can clog pores and cause breakouts. Cream-based makeup often contain oils which can make pores appear larger than they already are. Instead, those with large pores should opt for powder-based or mineral-based makeup which are less likely to clog pores. Powder-based makeup can help to minimize the appearance of pores and create a more even complexion. Mineral-based makeup is also a great option as it is lightweight and breathable, allowing skin to breathe better. Additionally, mineral-based makeup often contains natural ingredients which can help to nourish and protect the skin.

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Fragrance Based

Fragrance Based Most makeups these days contain fragrances, unless you choose a mineral makeup, which is always the best option. Fragrances seep into pores and irritate the skin, which can lead to breakouts, irritation or redness and are best avoided. Check the label to see if it says “fragrance” and if so, leave it on the shelf and choose something else.


Fragrance based makeup can be particularly damaging to those with large pores. The fragrances in the makeup can seep into the pores and irritate the skin, leading to breakouts, redness, and irritation. To avoid this, it is best to look for makeup that is specifically labeled as "fragrance-free". Mineral makeup is also a great option as it is free from fragrances and other potentially irritating ingredients. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the makeup is non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog the pores and make them appear larger. Taking the time to read the label of any makeup product can help you avoid potential skin irritations and keep your large pores looking their best.


Preservative Based

Preservative Based Most commercial brands of makeup that have all the fancy advertising on television are filled with preservatives and dyes, which irritate many forms of skin, but especially those people with large pores. Always choose a mineral makeup that is preservative free and read labels to be sure there are no preservatives. If you’re not sure, contact the manufacturer to find out.

My favorite brand of makeup that works with almost every type of skin is Bare Minerals. I’m not affiliated with them, but love their products. I also like Physician’s Formula brand, but some of their varieties might not work if you have large pores. Generally, most of their powder products will. If you have large pores, what kind of makeup do you use or avoid?

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I have big pores through spots when I was younger, now I get pimples (still a nightmare) any tips on how to minimise appearance of pores on my cheek area?

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