7 Best Drugstore Blushes for Fair Skin ...

Navigating the field of best drugstore blushes can be quite intimidating for women with fair skin. Too little color and you look washed out, too much color and you look like a Barbie doll. Everyone is looking for something different from their blush whether it be sparkle, sheer coverage, or a subtle glow. These best drugstore blushes have everything you are looking for in a blush, and sometimes more.

1. Covergirl Cheekers

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This is my all time favorite of the many best drugstore blushes. I have alternated between the Rose Silk, Classic Pink, and Natural Rose colors because they are all so amazing. You don’t need to use a whole lot of powder to create a natural look and the color lasts for a substantial amount of time. Plus they are so inexpensive that you can get as many different colors as your heart desires.

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