17 Best MAC Lipsticks You've Got to Own ...

There is nothing more feminine and sexy than a drop-dead gorgeous pout created by the best MAC lipstick shades for all occasions. Whether you are going out on a date, or wanting to look fresh and natural at a wedding, all seven of these hues will accentuate your skin tone, play up your eyes, and complete your look. These best MAC lipstick shades are true classics to the MAC cosmetic line and have had rave reviews.

1. Ruby Woo

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The classic red lipstick is a necessity in every woman’s makeup stash. Since it can be hard to find that perfect red, look no further than Ruby Woo! One of the best MAC lipstick shades, it can be worn all year round and with every ensemble. A red lipstick can be the finishing touch to a little black dress or with just a dramatic cat eye for a fresh but modern look. This lipstick tends to be on the dryer side, so prep your lips with lip conditioner before applying.

Price: $17.50 at β€Œ shop.nordstrom.com β€Œ

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