11 Best Mascaras under $20 That'll Leave Your Lashes Looking Fantastic ...

After watching a good chick-flick, you might find yourself in a middle of a crying sesh, which isn’t such a bad thing if you’ve found the best mascaras under $20 that can hold up against smudge and racoon eyes! Your eyes are usually the first part of you that people pay attention to, so it’s important to highlight one of your best features ladies! Whether your goal is to lengthen, thicken, or waterproof your lush lashes, these best mascaras under $20 are definitely the way to go for a bang for your buck!

1. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara

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Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto has been on numerous lists of best mascaras, simply because it really is that good. Lash Stiletto boasts a lot of great features like a brush that helps to strengthen and condition, while also ensuring long, luxurious, defined and clump free lashes! Plus, with a price point at $8.99, you can’t go wrong. It’s definitely one of my top choices of best mascaras under $20 out there!

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