7 Best Products for Your Eyebrows ...

If you don’t know her already, let me introduce Anastasia Soare and her magnificent products for your eyebrows. Anastasia is an elite brow groomer with a host of celebrity clients. The Romanian beauty made a name for herself working in Beverly Hills' salons, and eventually struck out on her own, and Anastasia Beverly Hills was born. There are now two beautiful salons; one in Beverly Hills and one in Brentwood and the brand is known for the greatest products for your eyebrows.

1. Beauty Express

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If you’re starting from scratch selecting products for your eyebrows, consider this great kit from Anastasia. It contains stencils, angled brush, brow wax cream, brow powder duo and eyeshadow duo. The only thing not in this kit that you’d want is a spooley, and you can pick one up anywhere inexpensively. If you’re a lover of kits, there are also palettes, and contour kits available.

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