7 Candy Cane Makeup Tutorials for the Holiday Season ...


7 Candy Cane Makeup Tutorials for the Holiday Season ...
7 Candy Cane Makeup Tutorials for the Holiday Season ...

Instead of wearing red and green makeup, you should try wearing red and white makeup. Why? Because of candy canes, of course! They look as good as they taste, after all. That's why you should follow the advice in these tutorials to create candy cane inspired holiday looks:

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Candy Cane Eyeliner

You're going to start by grabbing a white eyeliner and lining your upper lash line with it. Then you should grab some red to add spots to the line, so that it looks more like a candy cane. Finish it off by using a black liner on your upper and lower lash lines. You can even paint your eyebrows red, or draw little leaves beneath your brows, to complete the look!


Candy Cane Lips

Instead of making your eyes look like a candy cane, you can make your lips look like one! You should start by moisturizing your lips. Then you should outline your lips with white and fill them in. After that, you should grab a red lip pencil and create some diagonal stripes over your white lips. Of course, you could also add some glitter, as long as it's meant to be used on your face!


Candy Cane Colors

This style is a lot tamer than the rest of these looks. You're basically going to place some red shadow on the crease of your eye, and then apply white to the inner corners of your eye. Then you should paint your lips with a matching color.


Candy Cane Eyes

This one looks a little ridiculous. However, it'll look pretty darn adorable if you wear it on Christmas day. All you have to do is put some shimmery gold eyeshadow on your creases. Then you should use a white eye pencil to create a candy cane over your crease and under your eyebrow. Of course, you'll have to grab a red eyeshadow to make the stripes of the candy cane with a tiny brush.


Candy Canes All over

Just like the last style, you probably won't want to wear this look around town. However, it'll make for an amazing Instagram photo. All you have to do is darken your eyebrows, place some bright blush on your cheeks, and redden your eyes!


Candy Cane Elf

Here's another makeup tutorial that looks a little intense. That's why you'll probably want to choose between copying the eyes, the lips, or the brows, but won't want to wear all of them at once. Even though the style looks incredibly elaborate, it's not as difficult as it seems. It shouldn't take you too long to complete.


Soft Candy Cane Lips

Here's one last tutorial that'll show you how to create a candy cane look. The lips are the sexiest part, so make sure you pay special attention to how they're done! All you have to do is use a white eye pencil to cover your lips, go over it with white eyeshadow, and then paint some red over your lips to finish it off.

You might not want to wear all of these out of the house, but they'll be perfect for Christmas cards! Are you going to try any of these looks before the season ends?

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