How to Apply Eyeshadow without Making Any Mistakes ...


How to Apply Eyeshadow without Making Any Mistakes ...
How to Apply Eyeshadow without Making Any Mistakes ...

Eyeshadow can be confusing. You may even feel overwhelmed when you think about it. You may wonder where you should apply each color or what colors you should choose. These’re some tips to help you apply your eyeshadow perfectly.

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Learn the Different Parts of Your Eyelid

You can apply eyeshadow to different parts of your eyelid. You can apply it to the whole lid or only in certain parts. It can be helpful to learn the names of different parts of your eyelid to help you when you’re learning where to apply eyeshadow. For example, there’s your basic eyelid, your crease, your inner corner and your brow bone. You may want to apply different shades to some or all of those areas.


Consider Your Eye Shape

Different eye shapes look best with different types of eyeshadow application. Some things you may want to consider when it comes to your eye shape are if you have hooded or deep set eyes. You can also tweak your eyeshadow to flatter your eyes depending upon if you have close or wide set eyes. There’re many different tutorials you can learn from for each type of eyes. Pinterest is a very helpful resource on this subject.


Choose Eye Shadow Shades That Compliment Your Eye Color

You may feel confused about what color eyeshadow to wear. Let me give you a couple helpful hints on this topic. One hint is to figure out if your skin is warm or cool toned and stay in that color family when it comes to choosing eyeshadow. Another helpful hint is to find your eye color on a color wheel and look across from it at the contrasting color. For example, blue contrasts with orange on a color wheel. Of course you don’t to wear orange eyeshadow but you might consider copper or bronze which have hints of orange in them.


Use More than One Brush to Apply

You would be amazed how much difference a brush can make. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good brush, either. I love my $1 ELF brush as much as I do my Urban Decay brush. However, learning about the different types of eyeshadow brushes and choosing a couple you’ll get the most use out of is a good idea. The most useful choices to go with are a basic eyeshadow brush and a crease brush.


Blend Away Harsh Lines

One look most women want to avoid is harsh lines in their eyeshadow. Harsh lines occur when you don’t blend the line in between colors. You can blend lines away with a brush or your fingers. I honestly feel like it’s easiest to just blend away lines with my fingers but everyone is different. Whatever works best for you is what you should go with.


Apply Color to Your Crease or Outer V First

Eyeshadow can be applied with different techniques. The most common way is to apply eyeshadow to your lid before your crease. But you can also apply it in reverse order. If you feel like you sometimes get too much color in your crease or it spreads out too much then applying to your crease or outer V first may work best for you. This’s especially helpful when you’re going for a smoky eye.


Deal with Fallout

Eyeshadow fallout is when your eyeshadow spills down onto your cheeks when you’re applying it. It’s worse with some brands than with others. There’re two different ways you can deal with this. One is to do some cleanup after applying your eyeshadow. The other is to apply your eye makeup first then go back and do your foundation, concealer and the rest of your makeup.

These’re 7 helpful hints to use when you’re applying eyeshadow. What’s most frustrating for you about eyeshadow? What tips help you the most?

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This is so helpful

I agree. Very helpful!

Right then, my eyes are brown near the iris, hazely-green around that and then blue-grey around the edge. Any suggestions as to which colour eye shadow I should use?

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