Adorable Makeup Looks Youll Want to Wear on Christmas Day ...

By Teresa

Adorable Makeup Looks Youll Want to Wear on Christmas Day ...

I don't know about you, but I always have such a hard time coming up with Christmas makeup looks. I want to be festive but not too festive, and I always want my makeup to look flawless because I'm photographed so much. If you feel the same and are constantly looking for Christmas makeup inspiration, this is definitely the list to check out and inspire you!

Table of contents:

  1. dark matte lips
  2. shimmering eyes
  3. red matte lips
  4. glittering lips
  5. gold eyeshadow
  6. smokey shimmer
  7. bright red
  8. dark bombshell
  9. liquid look
  10. blended shadow
  11. simple winged liner
  12. glitter smoke
  13. simple and a flower crown
  14. easy matte lips
  15. brown-tones
  16. green and gold
  17. performance look
  18. glitter and long lashes
  19. simple nails
  20. candy cane eyeliner
  21. dark green eyes
  22. flawless face
  23. shimmering and dark
  24. frozen-inspired
  25. brown and purple tones

1 Dark Matte Lips

Dark Matte Lips Source: 40 Eye Makeup Looks for
This glitter eye look is stunning in contrast to the matte lips.

2 Shimmering Eyes

Shimmering Eyes Source: How to Apply Glitter Eye
This eye makeup look reminds me of a winter wonderland!

3 Red Matte Lips

Red Matte Lips Source: 19 Absolutely Stunning Make-Up Looks
Red lips are a holiday staple, but how often do you see them in matte form?

4 Glittering Lips

Glittering Lips Source: Makeup Tutorials: Create Holiday Looks
Keep your eyes simple and your lips sparkling with this fabulous look.

5 Gold Eyeshadow

Gold Eyeshadow Source: ∁∧яι @makeupbycari Closed Eye View...Instagram
Don't you just love this gold eyeshadow? It reminds me of Christmas!

6 Smokey Shimmer

Smokey Shimmer Source: Holiday Makeup: Sparkles, Smokey, and
Make your glitter eyes a little more subtle with this smokey take on the eye look!

7 Bright Red

Bright Red Source: Holiday Glam - Trends &
Go bold with these shocking red lips!

8 Dark Bombshell

Dark Bombshell Source:
You don't need to wear bright colors to get the bombshell look this Christmas!

9 Liquid Look

Liquid Look Source: Makeup Ideas with Red Lipstick
Isn't this shiny, wet look just perfect for a Christmas Day look?

10 Blended Shadow

Blended Shadow Source: 20 Perfect Club Makeup Looks
I love this sexy, shadowy look on her eyes!

11 Simple Winged Liner

Simple Winged Liner Source: Real Techniques brushes Samantha Chapman
Go simple with winged liner and minimal eyeshadow!

12 Glitter Smoke

Glitter Smoke Source: A lover of all things
Don't you love this glitter shadow turns into a smokey eye? It's so unique!

13 Simple and a Flower Crown

Simple and a Flower Crown Source: 18 Winter ‘Dos for the
Keep your makeup simple and then add a rustic holly flower crown to your hair!

14 Easy Matte Lips

Easy Matte Lips Source: 10 Affordable Makeup Brands You
Did you know you could get matte lips that look so great for such a cheap price?

15 Brown-Tones

Brown-Tones Source: X†iNA PronouncedAsDepesh on Instagram: “
The brown tones in this look are simply gorgeous.

16 Green and Gold

Green and Gold Source:
When you think of Christmas makeup, you probably think of red lips, but this gold and green eyeshadow is so beautiful!

17 Performance Look

Performance Look Source: 365 Days of BFTE Cosmetics
I know as a former dancer that sometimes you can't find the perfect makeup look that will stand out when you're performing, especially during the holiday season. This is perfect for that!

18 Glitter and Long Lashes

Glitter and Long Lashes Source: 10 Party Eye Make up
Wear this pretty look to your next holiday party!

19 Simple Nails

Simple Nails Source:
Go for classic red nails this Christmas!

20 Candy Cane Eyeliner

Candy Cane Eyeliner Source: Christmas Eye designs
Go crazy with this candy cane style eye liner!

21 Dark Green Eyes

Dark Green Eyes Source: How to Apply Top Eyeliner
For all of my girls out there with dark brown eyes, this is a great eye makeup look to try out!

22 Flawless Face

Flawless Face Source: Top 10 Best Christmas Makeup
This makeup look is so perfect, especially for the holidays!

23 Shimmering and Dark

Shimmering and Dark Source: Beauty School: Eyeliner 101
Keep your eyes shimmering and your lips dark and matte for a unique makeup look this Christmas!

24 Frozen-Inspired

Frozen-Inspired Source: Madam Noire Makeup Studio: Weekly
Excite all of the little kiddos in your life with this "Elsa" look!

25 Brown and Purple Tones

Brown and Purple Tones Source: Mac Makeup Outlet Online
Don't you love the brown and purples hues in this look? I'm just a little bit obsessed!

What's your favorite Christmas look in this list? Let me know in the comments!

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