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8 Cool Winter Makeup Wedding Tips ...

By Heather

If you're in the mists of counting down the weeks to your winter wedding, have you thought about any of the winter wedding makeup tips you're going to use? Finding the right winter wedding makeup tips that work for your skin and that work with your theme is so, so important! You want to look beautiful on your special day right? So why not take a look and see what winter wedding tips apply to you!

Table of contents:

  1. Bright lips
  2. Silicone based foundation
  3. Go with your theme colors
  4. Avoid cool blues
  5. Take care of your skin
  6. No liquid foundations
  7. Waterproof mascara/liner
  8. Powder eye makeup

1 Bright Lips

While you might not be doing your own wedding makeup, you've still got to know what winter wedding makeup tips will work for you! Bright lips are always something that work great not just for weddings, but also work great for any winter time makeup. Whether it is bright red or bright coral, make your lips really stand out!

2 Silicone Based Foundation

Did you know that when you are choosing liquid foundation, you should make sure that it is silicone based? If you are using a makeup artist, they probably know this, but just double-check. The reasoning behind that is because, you never want your makeup to melt off or anything when you are on the dance floor!

3 Go with Your Theme Colors

Whenever you are choosing your wedding colors, think about your makeup too! While you might not want to go with blues, because it could blend into the back ground, how about some cool greens, bright pinks and even some amazing silvers? These are all great winter colors!

4 Avoid Cool Blues

Bright and bold blues are a great accent color for any wedding, but if you go with something pale, something soft, it could fade right into the snow, instead of making you stand out. So my winter wedding makeup tip is all about avoiding the blues and picking up something that matches your theme!

5 Take Care of Your Skin

In the winter, it is really easy for your skin to get really dry, really quick, so make sure that you are starting your canvas out right. After all, why would you ever want to put makeup on dry skin, just to make it drier? Moisturizer, cleanse, exfoliate – take care of your skin girls!

6 No Liquid Foundations

Remember when I said that silicone foundation is the best bet to go? That's why you always want to make sure that in the winter, avoid any and all liquid foundations. They can make your skin that much drier and can even cause it to sink into any wrinkles you might have!

7 Waterproof Mascara/Liner

No matter what, you never want your mascara or eyeliner to drip and dribble on your wedding day, so make sure that you are coating your lashes and eyes in everything that is waterproof. It's your big day, you're going to be crying and who knows, it could be snowing!

8 Powder Eye Makeup

Finally, the last winter makeup tip that I have to share is to go with powder eye makeup. Forget the cream and instead, opt for something that is light, something that is breathable. Trust me girls, it'll work in your favor in the long term!

So, these are all of my winter wedding makeup tips that I would use if I was getting ready for my winter wedding. So girls, what's your date? Are you dreaming of white snow for your wedding? Share your makeup tips below!

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