Girls with a Sweet Tooth Will Love These Dessert Inspired Eyeshadow Palettes ...

We donโ€™t often describe makeup as scrumptious but thatโ€™s exactly what these dessert-inspired eyeshadow palettes are. With names as fun as the color combinations and sometimes super cute packaging to match, every girl should treat herself to something sweet that makes her look fabulous rather than piling on the pounds. These dessert-inspired eyeshadow palettes are a sweet treat you can enjoy guilt-free.

1. Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette

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With names like Almond Truffle, Sprinkles, Cashew Chew, Cotton Candy, Cafรฉ Au Lait, Dark Truffle, Pecan Praline and Totally Fetch, and their adorable heart shape, Chocolate Bon Bons eyeshadows really are good enough to eat. 16 shades in total.
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