$1.00 Makeup Artist Kit Items from Dollar Tree ...

There are so many $1 makeup products at Dollar Tree! Do you get compliments on your makeup? Do you get asked to sell Mary Kay or Avon a lot? Why not go into business for yourself, by yourself, on the side, as a makeup artist?

You could do weddings, proms, graduations, holidays, just to begin! Are you thinking, "I cannot afford all that Clinique or any of the department store brands that I would need". Well, look no further than Dollar Tree! Get EVERYTHING you need to build your makeup artist kit for $1.00 each and get professional results. Watch this video for all the info you need on $1 makeup products at Dollar Tree.

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November 13, 2013

1. Hand Sanitizer

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Your hands need to be germ-free.

2. Spray Bottles

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For various needs, especially water, hair spray, etc.

3. Clips

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To section off hair or to pull hair up.

4. Mirrors

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So clients can see the back.

5. Bobby Pins

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Again, to section off hair or to hold fancy styles in place.

6. Shower Caps

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Needed for when a client is putting on clothes.

7. Wipes

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To wipe hands AND face.

8. Disposal Bags

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To keep the area clean with prompt disposal.

9. Shampoo or Dawn Dish Liquid

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To clean brushes, picks, etc.

10. Q-tips and Kleenex

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For touch-ups.

11. Cosmetic Wedges

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These are good so you can use the makeup on various people.

12. Featured Makeup Brand: Wet N Wild

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Dollar Tree carries various cosmetics, but Wet n Wild is the most professional looking. You know what you need... everything from lipstick to bronzer to foundation to eyeshadow to eyeliner to mascara.

13. Straws

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Offer your clients a drink and give them a straw so as not to smudge lipstick.

14. Gum

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You are in their face, so make sure your breath smells good, and even offer the client a piece.

Most of this list focuses on the maintenance of being a makeup artist, but #12 is the meat and potatoes for the kit and for the business.

Make sure to take plenty of photos of clients when finished to distribute for publicity for your future business. Why not work by yourself for yourself? You go girl!

Only YOU need to know where you bought the makeup artist kit supplies. They will never know everything was bought at Dollar Tree and will still feel (and look) like a queen.

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