5 of the World's Most Blinding Highlighters ...

We’re living in the era of the glow, it’s time to accept it guys! So now you need the world's most blinding highlighters.

Not that we’re complaining - oh we’re living for the glow. The more and more highlighters that are released, the more excited we get! Nothing quite completes a look like a blinding highlighter that catches every light in the room.

From liquid highlighters to creams to powders - the options are endless. Don’t worry, different formulas don’t mean you have to forgo the intensity: we’ve got it all here!

Whether you’re a fan of the all-over glow and love to bathe in it, or if you just prefer to hit the high points of your face. We’ve got you covered with this list of the world's most blinding highlighters.

1. Iconic London Illuminator

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Product Link: iconiclondoninc.com

This cult favourite comes in 4 different shades, each equally as blinding! It’s a liquid highlighter that comes with a pipette to distribute the product. You’re only going to need a tiny dot of this stuff - it seriously goes a long way! This can be applied under foundation, mixed with foundation, or as a normal highlighter. Whichever way you use it, it’s guaranteed to give you an intense and bold glow and is one of the world's most blinding highlighters.

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