Don't Believe These False Facts about Makeup ...


We can all be misguided and just like any other area of health and beauty, there are false facts about makeup that misdirect us. The problem that lots of women encounter is that each person does things differently, and each person believes lots of different things! The complicated nature of perfecting your own makeup routine can lead to the creation of lots of different myths, and you know what they say about myths - hardly any of them are actually true! If you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the makeup world and want to know what you should be adhering to and what you should be ignoring, then here are some false facts about makeup that you definitely shouldn’t believe!

1. Conceal Your Eyes First

One of the most taught makeup rules is that you should apply concealer to your under eyes to get rid of those unsightly bags before you do anything else, but this isn’t the case. It can be a big time saver to do the rest of your eye makeup first and then come back to concealing your bags. It has the bonus of enabling you to clean up anything that may have fallen into that area when applying above.

Dark Brows Are Good for Everyone
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