7 Expensive Mascaras That Are Totally Worth the Price Tag ...

When it comes to make-up, you usually get what you pay for, so expensive mascaras can be a good investment. I’m not saying you can’t look gorgeous using cheaper mascara products – I often opt for the drugstore version to save myself some dollars. However, if you want to enhance your lashes or counteract short or sparse lashes, spending a bit more can help you achieve the look you crave. If you just love seeing how much certain beauty products cost, you’ll love this list of expensive mascaras too.

1. Oscillation Mascara by Lancome

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The $34 price tag on this definitely makes it one of the most expensive mascaras. Not only is this product sought after by many make-up artists and celebrities, but it offers coverage that can’t be beat. It comes in an easy to use tube with a color that will leave your eyes looking their absolute best.

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