7 Must-have Makeup Palettes for Summer ...

There are some really gorgeous makeup palettes for summer around at the moment - some of these I already own and some I am simply dying to try! I love makeup palettes as they contain complementary shades that you just know are going to look gorgeous together, and the ones which contain shadow, blush, liner and lipstick or gloss are a great way to create a pretty look on the go. Here are some of my favorite makeup palettes for summer - I hope you love them as much as I do!

1. Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Shimmer Brick Eye Palette

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This is one of my favorite makeup palettes for summer with its shimmering nude and bronze shades as well as a couple of rose-gold hues. These blend perfectly, are silky smooth and can be layered to add intensity, so they're perfect for wearing day and night.

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