7 Ridiculously Expensive Cosmetics You Won't Believe Actually Exist ...


7 Ridiculously Expensive Cosmetics You Won't Believe Actually Exist ...
7 Ridiculously Expensive Cosmetics You Won't Believe Actually Exist ...

There are some ridiculously expensive cosmetics on the market today – and I’m not talking $75 for a Tom Ford lipstick either. There are makeup and beauty products that have been manufactured that cost thousands or even millions of dollars. Here are some of the most ridiculously expensive cosmetics that have ever been made.

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H. Couture – Beauty Diamond Mascara

One of the ridiculously expensive cosmetics you won’t believe exists is H. Couture’s Beauty Diamond Mascara. The tube to the mascara is made of 18-karat gold and blue diamonds. The mascara came with lifetime refills as well as other services, however now that the H. Couture brand has closed shop, purchasers of this 14 million dollar mascara may be regretting their purchase (or not, considering they had 14 million to blow on mascara), since I’m sure the extra benefits are no longer viable.


The Beauty Diamond Mascara was created by luxury cosmetics brand H. Couture and was sold for an astounding $14 million. The tube to the mascara was made of 18-karat gold and embedded with blue diamonds, and it came with lifetime refills and other services. Unfortunately, the H. Couture brand has since closed shop, leaving purchasers of this mascara with an expensive tube of mascara and no extra benefits. This mascara is one of the most expensive cosmetics on the market, and it is a testament to the extravagance of the beauty industry.


Guerlain – KissKiss Gold and Diamond Lipstick

This lipstick, encased in a tube made from 110 grams of 18-karat gold and 119 diamonds, will set you back a whopping $62,000. The lipstick itself is a replica of their 2005 KissKiss lipstick. It is designed to give lips a dazzling effect (however, nothing will shine brighter than the bejeweled lipstick case) but all in all, the lipstick itself is nothing special compared to the tube it comes in.


Krē-āt Beauty – Diamond or 24-Karat Gold Lashes

You can find rhinestone-studded eyelashes at your local drugstore, but you won’t be stumbling upon these diamond-encrusted lashes at Wal-Mart anytime soon. Krē-āt Beauty is the exclusive maker of these lavish lashes. The diamonds on the lash strip are set in 14-karat gold. If you prefer your gold and diamond lashes without the bling, Krē-āt Beauty has created lashes with just 24-karat yellow gold as well. You can purchase the plain gold lashes for under $300 at Barney’s New York, but the diamond lashes will set you back a couple thousand and are only available through special order.


Models Own – Gold Rush Nail Polish

You can buy Models Own Gold Rush Nail Polish for £5.00 on their website. But if you have an extra $130,740 lying around, why not buy the edition with the diamond-encrusted cap? The lid contains 1118 diamonds! The polish, on the other hand, is just the same as the cheap version.


Essie – I do Nail Polish

The I Do Nail Polish is a collaboration between Allure Magazine, Essie Cosmetics, Platinum Gold International, Henry Dunay, and Johnson Matthey. The bottle of this nail polish is made of platinum and the polish itself contains a platinum powder. All of these things make for a nail polish valued at $55,000! Can you believe your favorite drugstore nail polish company has a polish with that hefty of a price tag?


Surprisingly, the I Do Nail Polish isn't just about the glitz—it's about exclusivity. Only one bottle of this ultra-luxe polish was ever created, turning it into an instant collector's item. Imagine the sparkle as you flaunt a manicure infused with real platinum, a symbol of everlasting love and luxury. It might not be the polish you swipe on for a casual day out, but for a bride looking to splurge on her big day, this could be the ultimate finishing touch to say, "I do" with a dash of opulence.


La Mer – ‘Moisturizing Cream’ Ultrarich Cream

Crème de la Mer is a supposed miracle product. This moisturizing cream is said to stop aging in its tracks, make skin softer and firmer, and smooth away creases. I can’t attest to this because, unfortunately, I am not wealthy enough to give it a try. A 16.4 oz jar will cost you over $2000, but many women swear it’s worth it!


Shekhar Eye Research Center – La Ser Eye Jewelry

If you really want your eyes to sparkle and shine, Shekhar Eye Research Center has created the perfect product – diamond and gold contact lenses. These lenses cost $15,000, but the profit for each of these sold goes toward helping those suffering from Stevens Johnson syndrome (which causes blindness). So while the price tag may be hefty, the money goes toward a good cause!

These ridiculously expensive cosmetics will have you sparkling from your eyes to your lips to your nails. These products cost more than what most people make in a year. I can’t even imagine being able to splurge on a 14 million dollar tube of mascara (although I’d like to be able to). What do you think of these products? Would you buy them if you had the cash or are they too expensive no matter what? Sound off in the comments.

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Silly products!! Most of them are just over the top packaging!! I would rather the gold or diamonds on jewellery, that I could actually wear!!

I recently bought a Louis Vuitton bag for around $4000, most expensive fashion accessory I've ever bought.

I would rather spend the money on hmmmmm, let think. Poverty? Aids or cancer research?

If power makes people crazy, does that mean major money make sane people stupid? For a very select few, I would have to say "no", but the rest, like very big lottery winners who were barely scrapping by, a most definitely yes!

I guess spending that much $ on cosmetics seems reasonable to the people who buy it. if I became a billionaire tmrw I would indulge in a bigger house maybe travel the world. but I would donate most of the $ to worthy organizations. somehow spending $15000 on nail polish seems sooooo wrong since children go to bed hungry at night right here in the USA! Very sad actually

Better come with pics...

O my my ! Its insane

too expensive. I wouldn't buy even if I had the money. it's a waste.

Congratulations Narelle you spent 4000 dollars on a purse with a name.

One born every minute !

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