Freebie Lipsticks for National Lipstick Day ...


July 29th, 2018 is National Lipstick Day in the USA. But what’s so exciting about that I hear you cry! Well what’s so fabulous is that it is like Christmas in July because many of our favorite top brands honor this special day with free lipsticks.

National Lipstick Day is the perfect time to try that expensive brand you’ve been lusting after forever, to try new brands you’ve stayed away from previously, or just to nab your favorite lippy for free.

There’s some seriously hot little numbers in the giveaways. Some you can get for free, no obligation, while others your need to make a purchase to get your free lipstick. Some deals are available online, while for others you’ll need to visit the store. For the latter, you really need to be on your toes because last year’s National Lipstick Day was lipstick crazy with queues around the block.

Here are some of the best deals for National Lipstick Day:

1. MAC

Once again this year, MAC is at the head of the freebie campaign trail. This is a genuine giveaway of one free MAC lipstick for every customer. Put your comfy shoes on and get in the queue. With more than 200 shades it’s definitely worth it.

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