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7 Tips to Pulling off Red Lipstick ...

By Rebecca

That sultry burlesque look is back, ladies, and one of its key features is a smouldering red mouth. While crimson lips are a fabulous classic look, they can be difficult to get right and if yours aren’t one hundred per cent perfect, girls, they can look a little tacky. I’ve put together a list of 7 essential tips for pulling of red lipstick to help you get away with that outrageously sexy mouth!

1 Face Value

Looking fabulous with red lips is actually about getting the rest of your make up right. There are a few crucial details absolutely cannot overlook .You want your skin to look even and matte – a shiny face and scarlet lips is just not going to work. Apply a light powder foundation to reduce any risk of greasiness and make sure you cover any discolouration with a good concealer, especially if these patches are reddish themselves.

2 Blush Right

If you’ve chosen to go with red lips they should be the dominant feature of in your make up scheme. The rest of your face should be subtle so that the spotlight is on that sexy pout and this rule definitely applies to your blush. Don’t be tempted to match your cheeks with your lips, girls, I promise you’ll just end up looking like a clown. Go for a bronzer rather than a rouge and apply is lightly so all the drama stays on your mouth.

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3 Subtle Eyes

As with your cheekbones, your eyes should be simply and subtly made up. You don’t want outrageous peepers if you’ve got a sultry crimson pout, so stick to a slick of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes. If you’re blonde, go for a warm brown tone; if you’re brunette you can get away with black. Skip the dark kohl pencil and go for a white eyeliner on the inside rim of your bottom lid. This will really open up the eye, making it look clear and fresh.

4 Deal with Bleeding

Red lipstick is prone to bleed over the edges of your lip and this, girls, is not a good look. You want yours to stay where you put it – on your mouth – and to keep it there, use a good lip liner in an appropriate colour. Don’t go for violently red or anything very dark; stick with natural ‘lip’ tones. Applying a concealer around the outside of your mouth will also help with this.

5 Smudge-Proof

Red lipstick really does tend to smudge, and when this happens, there’s no hiding it without a total ‘clean-and-reapply’ scenario. Get yourself a lipstick sealer to keep your gorgeous red lips looking neat and tidy. Your man will thank you too; while he may think it looks sexy on you that probably doesn’t mean he wants to try it on himself via lipsticky kisses!

6 Practice!

This might sound strange ladies, but it’s often a good idea to try out your new crimson lips at home before you take them out on the town. A red mouth can be a dramatic departure if your ordinary palette is mostly natural pastels. To avoid shocking yourself every time you look in the mirror of a bar, wear the look while you’re cleaning the bathroom or watching TV; it’ll feel natural in no time.

7 Tooth Check

This one speaks for itself ladies. Before you leave the house, check and recheck those teeth. Nothing say trashy like a lipstick smile, ladies – this is one make up fauz pas you want to avoid!

So ladies, that’s it: 7 tips to help you pull off red lipstick. What do you think? Are you a fan of the crimson pout? Or do you think it’s a look best left to fifties pin ups? Let me know; I’d love to hear your opinions on this one!

Top Photo Credit: Shandi-lee

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