7 Tips for Perfect Nude Lips ...


7 Tips for Perfect Nude Lips ...
7 Tips for Perfect Nude Lips ...

Nude Lips are the perfect way to make a bold statement in a subtle way. Nude lips have a classy, sexy look that goes great with dark eyes, sophisticated hairstyles or whatever you feel like stylin' that day. You can pull off nude lips with practically any look as long as you do it the right way! That's why I'm writing this article-to give you 7 tips for perfect nude lips! Keep on reading if you want to be a pro at making up the perfect nude and neutral lips for yourself AND your friends!

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You don't want a flaky surface to start out on. Guys want soft, kissable lips! Besides, nude lips show flakes and dry skin even more so than colored lips. Use a wet washcloth, an old toothbrush or a lip scrub to gently exfoliate all those dead skin cells off your lips!


Apply Lip Balm

Your next step to achieving the perfect nude, subtle lips after exfoliation is to apply a clear lip balm. This will help lock in moisture and give your lipstick something to cling to. You don't want anything really oily or glossy, go for a waxy, smooth balm that's not too sticky for the perfect base!


Choose Your Shade

When choosing a shade of color for nude lips, it's important to keep skin tone in mind. You don't want to appear sick or dead! Here is a pretty basic guideline to follow: if you have a fair skin, you can try a peachy, pink, or even a totally nude shade! Your pale skin will nicely enhance any of these shades. If you have a medium/dark skin, you can go for a peachy beige, or something warmer in color. Definitely stay away from truly pale beiges, creams or white tones or you'll look like a ghost!


For olive skin tones, a touch of caramel or a hint of gold in your nude lipstick can be stunning, highlighting the natural warmth of your complexion. On the other end, deeper skin tones are beautifully complemented by rich nudes with hints of copper, bronze, or deep mauve—these shades make the lips pop without looking harsh or out of place. Always test the lipstick in natural light if possible, because artificial lighting can deceive your eyes. Remember, the right nude should look effortless and enhance your beauty, not distract from it.


Use Concealer

Many girls tend to forget or leave this step out when it comes to creating the perfect pair of neutral lips, but don't make this mistake! Conceal your lips first, and blend the concealer out around your mouth. Use a shade that is your exact skin tone, and blend, blend, blend! Doing this keeps the gloss from seeping into the fine lines around your mouth, and it also neutralizes the natural pink of your lips for a more believable nude lip!


Line First

Don't forget to line your lips before you apply your color! With a nude lip, it's easy to "lose" your lip-line against your skin, so be sure to define it. Use a liner that's one shade darker than your skin tone, but still in the "nude" family. Then, go ahead and fill your whole lip in with the same creamy liner as a base for your lip color to cling to.


Lipstick Power

Now you're ready to apply that lipstick! For a believable pair of nude, subtle lips, choose a moisturizing formula of lipstick. A matte nude lipstick is just a recipe for death warmed over! Save the matte nude colors for Halloween, and go with a supple, moist lipstick for your perfect nude mouth!


Apply Gloss

Your final step to perfect nude lips is to finish with a gloss! You can go with a clear one or a slightly tinted nude or pink gloss, whichever you prefer! Just avoid anything with sparkles since a sparkly nude mouth is a bit strange!

Nude lips are not as difficult to achieve as you might have thought! Nude lips are back in a huge way for any affair you may have to attend this summer, so read these tips and tuck them away for future reference! Thank you for reading my article on 7 tips for perfect nude lips! Now how about telling me your favorite lip trend?

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Wow...all I do is dab on a little of my concealer and then put chapstick on. Works perfectly.

I dont think using a primer over the concealer will be a good idea but everyone has his/her own way of liking so it depends on one's choice but i'll prefer concealer.

I think a flesh toned lip primer like Laura Geller's lip spackle is much better than concealer, for making a canvas for the perfect nude lip.

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