7 Game-changing, Awesome Concealers for You to Try ...

There are so many awesome concealers out on the market that it can be hard to even know where to begin. So, I’ve compiled a list of some of the top concealers to help step up your makeup game. Concealer is a great product to use to help cover up those pesky pimples, hide dark circles and spots, and to help brighten up your face in general. Concealer is also great for contouring to highlight areas of your face like your under eye area, above your eyebrows, the bridge of your nose, and your chin. Check out this list of awesome concealers and find your new favorite product!:

1. Benefit Fake up Concealer

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Starting off this list of awesome concealers is Benefit’s Fake Up. I recently discovered this miracle product and was truly amazed by its results. This concealing stick has a moisturizing outer core fortified with Vitamin E and apple seed extract, and an inner core of amazing concealing product. The outer core works wonders in helping to combat creasing and caking, so you won’t have to worry about this concealer accentuating fine lines.

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