7 Tips for Perfect Concealer ...


7 Tips for Perfect Concealer ...
7 Tips for Perfect Concealer ...

Applied well, concealer has the power to mask any number of flaws. Tired eyes, red patches, blemishes and dark marks: all of these vanish beneath an expert application of good quality product. Picking out and putting on your concealer, however, is not quite as easy as it looks; there are myriad factors to consider both in the cosmetics shop and when you’re standing in front of the mirror. To help you to achieve maximum success with your handy beige blemish wand, I’ve chatted to a few people in the know and come up with this list of 7 tips for a perfect concealer.

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Get the Colour Right

Get the Colour Right Photo Credit: hollywoodxo

Probably the most important thing to think about when you are purchasing your concealer is the colour. To begin with, you should know that testing out a variation on the back of your hand is not a good idea; your knuckles and your face are not the same colour. If you can, you will need to gauge the tone against the skin on your face. Also, remember to take into account the area in which you will be using it the most. If your concealer is for dark marks, for example, you may need to go for a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone in order for it to be effective.


Consider Your Skin Type

Consider Your Skin Type Photo Credit: Mary Madeleine

There are many, many variations of concealer out there. They come in sticks, as compressed powders, with wands like a lip gloss … the list goes on. A successful application depends very much on getting the correct variety for your skin type: if you have a drier complexion, for example, go for something quite liquid. If you’re prone to oiliness, get an absorbent, mattifying version.


Yellow for Blemishes

Yellow for Blemishes Photo Credit: Bonjour !

If you are looking for a concealer to cover up blemishes on your skin or dark marks, experts recommend that you opt for a yellow toned variation. These offer the most natural looking cover; often pink-tone varieties will highlight imperfections rather than mask them.


A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start Photo Credit: Matheus

As with all makeup, you will find that your concealer is easiest to apply onto freshly washed, well moisturised skin. Wash your face with an appropriate cleanser before you get on with you application, gently moisturise using the right lotion for your skin type.



Foundation Photo Credit: Nora

Unless you aren’t planning to wear a foundation, experts suggest that you always apply your concealer after, and not before, you have blended in your base. This way, the logic goes, you will be able to identify all problem areas that have not been masked beneath your foundation and the overall appearance of your make up will be lighter and free from the dreaded mask effect.


Use a Brush

Use a Brush Photo Credit: madamelulu

Make up artists invariably recommend that you apply your concealer using a small, short bristles make up brush. This will give you a smoother finish in the long run; take care not to ‘paint’ your make up on in a ‘back and forth’ motion. Rather use the brush and then your ring finder to gently dab the area until you achieve adequate cover.



Set Photo Credit: aiehl

Once you are satisfied with your concealer, take a large soft makeup brush, dip it into a light, translucent powder, blow off the excess and dust all over your face. This will help you to set your makeup for the day, and will prevent smudging, seepage and blurring.

A good quality, well-chosen concealer can eliminate all manner of flaws; hopefully this list of 7 tips will help you to pick the right one for you and encourage you to apply is intelligently. Do you have any handy hints of your own to contribute?

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