7 Hot Eye Makeup Looks Inspired by the Runway ...

If you’re looking for some inspiration to create some new eye makeup looks, why not get rock some runway worthy looks?! The spring runway was filled with lots of vibrant and bold eye makeup looks that can be worn to a party, girls’ night out or toned down a bit for get-together with friends! Get your beauty products and beauty tools ready because your eyes will be ready for the runway!

1. Techno Butterflies

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One of the most striking eye makeup looks of the 2013 spring runway was Pat McGrath’s Techno Butterflies for Dior. Think bright, vivid lids and creases outlined with tons of sparkling Swarovski crystals. Recreate this look by applying a bright eye shadow all over the lid and crease. Next, apply some glitter or gems from the craft store and apply with lash glue or spirit gum adhesive and you’re ready to shine!

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