7 Hot Eye Makeup Looks Inspired by the Runway ...


7 Hot Eye Makeup Looks Inspired by the Runway ...
7 Hot Eye Makeup Looks Inspired by the Runway ...

If you’re looking for some inspiration to create some new eye makeup looks, why not get rock some runway worthy looks?! The spring runway was filled with lots of vibrant and bold eye makeup looks that can be worn to a party, girls’ night out or toned down a bit for get-together with friends! Get your beauty products and beauty tools ready because your eyes will be ready for the runway!

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Techno Butterflies

Techno Butterflies One of the most striking eye makeup looks of the 2013 spring runway was Pat McGrath’s Techno Butterflies for Dior. Think bright, vivid lids and creases outlined with tons of sparkling Swarovski crystals. Recreate this look by applying a bright eye shadow all over the lid and crease. Next, apply some glitter or gems from the craft store and apply with lash glue or spirit gum adhesive and you’re ready to shine!


Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise, Sunset Donna Karan’s models showed off serious color and sass with their brightly lined and painted eyes. Imagine strutting down the street wearing fuchsia shadow, liner and mascara. Okay, if fuchsia is too much, maybe try this eye makeup with blue, green or brown. This monochromatic eye makeup look is sure to brighten your day as well as your face!


Floating Eyeliner

Floating Eyeliner If you feel like you’re in an eye makeup rut, try recreating Michael Kors’ fun and daring floating eyeliner look! This eye makeup look takes the classic cat eye up a notch by applying it above the crease and adding a dash of bold color. This colorful look would look great with turquoise, green or whatever color you fancy to rock edgy eyes!


Strong Eyes

Strong Eyes Celeb makeup artist Pat McGrath struck again at Gucci where she created smoldering eyes. This look was said to be inspired by '70s fashion and beauty icons Marisa Berenson and Marina Schiano. Get the look by lining your eyes with dark brown liner and sweeping dark brown eye shadow on your lids. Finish off with a highlighter on your brow bone and the center of your eyelids. Lastly, layer two strips of falsies to create the dramatic eyes!


Graphic Eyeliner

Graphic Eyeliner One of the more wearable eye makeup looks from the spring runway is from Marc Jacobs. His models rocked a super chic, '60s inspired eye makeup look that created lots of depth and drama. Recreate this dramatic look by applying nude eye shadow all over the lids. Then, line your upper lash line with black eye liner and drag it out to the outer corner. Next, line your crease and apply black eye shadow over both lines.


Ombre Eyes

Ombre Eyes This shimmery eye makeup look by Gianfranco Ferre takes gorgeous metallic eye colors to create a gradient effect on your eyelids. Recreate this look by starting off painting your lids with a black cream eye shadow. Next, sweep a shimmery peachy bronze eye shadow over the entire eyelid and crease, leaving just the inner corners bare. Lastly, use a pewter eye shadow on the inner corners to finish off the metallic ombre look!


Bright Eyeliner

Bright Eyeliner Stella McCartney’s bright eyeliner was one of the more subtly sexy and sweet looks on the spring runway. Her models wore a soft, flawless face with just a pop of bright turquoise on the waterline. Get the look by tightlining the upper lash line with black eye liner and lining your waterline with turquoise. Finish off the look with a few coats of black mascara and you’ve got minimalist sexy!

The runway provides us with so much inspiration! I love seeing all the different and daring hair, makeup and fashion trends that start on the runway. Some of these eye makeup looks might seem a little wild, but you can always tweak the different looks and tone it down to suit you. No need to copy the look entirely, you can just get bits of inspiration! Would you ever wear any of these looks?

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