8 Awesome Makeup Trends for Teenagers ...

By Heather

With all of the different makeup trends for teenagers out there, it can be hard to keep track of what is hot for 2013! If you're a teen and you're dying for some makeup trends for teenagers that apply for 2013, take a look below! I've got everything from sparkly glitter all the way to lengthening mascara. Remember, the eyes have it all in 2013!

1 Sparkle & Glitter

Pumping up your eyes when you are a teen isn't hard and doing it with a lot of glitter and a lot of sparkle is even easier! Makeup trends for teenagers this year are all about the shimmer and shine. That's why glitter eye shadows, shimmery blush and even some glimmering bronzer are all great options!

2 Colored Eyeliner

Another hot trend this year is all about the colored eyeliner. I've got to tell you, eyeliner like bright blue, fantastic pink and canary yellow are showing up all over the runway – and in high schools everywhere! So ditch the blacks and browns this year and go with something bright and bold!

3 Natural Look

If you don't want all of that glitter and glimmer, that's okay, because the natural look is in too! This is a great look if you just want to go simple or if you are looking to not go too over the top. Just some chapstick, mascara and even a little concealer can work wonders on your young skin!

4 Lengthening Mascara

Remember when I said that the eyes have it all? So do the lashes! You want them really long and want them to really stand out. Lengthening mascara is a great way to make your eyelashes stand out and appear a lot longer than they really are.

5 BB Cream

BB cream is another hot product and a great trend for teenagers who are looking to go with something simple that won't clog their pores. BB cream is basically a tinted moisturizer that has a ton of different benefits to it, including making your skin look beautiful! It's also super easy to put on and starts out white!

6 Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is very in this season too, so whether you are using a bit of blush and bronzer on your cheeks or you want to contour to give yourself a bit of definition, you want your skin to seem really soft and warm. I love this trend and I actually think that everyone could benefit from it, not just the teens!

7 Light Bronzer

Now girls, I know you might want to over-do it with the bronzer, but just a small bit of bronzer can go a really, really long way! All you need are just a few swipes along your cheekbones, chin, forehead and nose. That will give you a fantastic glow and it'll make you seem warmer!

8 Pink Gloss

Finally, pink lip gloss is really in this season. Whether you want a bit of coral tint or just plain baby pink, pink gloss is very on-trend and it looks perfect! For me, I always use Maybelline lip gloss, it's not too sticky and has no taste!

So all you teens out there, what other makeup trends for teenagers do you love? Do you have anymore to share? Give 'em up in the comments!

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