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7 Swirl Makeup Tutorials for Unique Eye Makeup ...

By Jelena

Swirl makeup – a perfect way to show off your makeup skills and look like a cover girl! There’s been very little word about this creative makeup technique, mostly due to the fact that it can take many forms, all depending on the artist’s interpretation of the term “swirl.” You can swirl colors for an over-the-top, hard to miss eye makeup look, take the term literally and actually do a swirl or come up with a unique look of your own! Why not give it a try? It’s much easier than it looks and more wearable than you’d think! And here are a few examples to show you how interesting these swirl makeup looks can be.

1 Fairy-like Color Swirl

Yellow, green and blue – who could have guessed those colors could prove to be so great for swirl makeup experiments! I must admit, I have been pretty skeptical about it at first but the result proved to be amazing, despite my low expectations and a personal distaste for these colors! Check it out – I’m sure it will motivate you to experiment with all of those unusual colors you most certainly have, yet rarely get to use!

2 Fairy Fantasy Swirl

Speaking of fairy makeup, here’s an interesting swirl you might want to take into your consideration! It’s totally gorgeous, totally cute and just in time for this local late February festivity slash masquerade party I've been looking forward to all year long! Yay! I could totally do a fairy look! Take a look! Once you see how gorgeous it is, you’ll want to find or create an opportunity to rock it, too!

3 Statement Smoky Eye

These stunning smoky eyes really are special effect makeup! Now imagine that with a gorgeous dress on, nude lipstick and a glamorous pompadour! Absolutely runway ready! Give a try if you really need your makeup to be extra special for a certain event, if you’re bored of the standard black smoky eye or simply want to experiment with your makeup.

4 Graphic Liner

Designers have always played with this look, we’ve all loved them playing with it and that’s pretty much where the story ends! Bolder ones might have purchased that limited edition Dior set of adhesive eyeliner strips and even gutsier ones have worn it out but still – that’s it! Time to shake things up a bit, don’t you think? I’m so going to rock this look even if I have to organize my own premiere to do it! Good news – my carpet is red anyways so it’s not like I’d have to go an extra mile to make the scenery complete!

5 Sunrise Color Swirl

This bright example of creative makeup was inspired by a piece of art and the funny thing is that the moment I laid my eyes on it, I had this thought about it resembling a beautiful sunrise/sunset photograph! Well, the creator had a different piece of art on her mind but the effect is gorgeous nevertheless! Take a look at it, get inspired by it and you’ll be mixing colors and creating little pieces of makeup art in no time!

6 Rainbow Color Swirl

If you’ve ever wondered why do even the simplest of palettes contain at last a few bright eye shadows, you will find your answer right here! But the answer is definitely not the only thing you’ll be getting – try inspiration for a fantastic spring makeup look! Check it out!

7 Malibu Eyes

Oh la la! Now here’s a chic makeup look no fashionista will be able to resist! A classic smoky eye has just gotten more interesting, runway ready and so TV commercial worthy! Get creative and start using all of those stunning deep shades your makeup palette has to offer! Enjoy and do let me know how your color swirl turned out!

Are there any other creative makeup ideas you’d like me to pay more attention to? Do tell – an inspiring makeup tutorial or a creative new technique will always have a place in my makeup-related posts!

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