How to Change Your Makeup Stash for Fall ...


There’s no getting around the fact that the nights are getting cooler and summer is coming to an end. You’re probably thinking about switching out your summer clothes and replacing them with warmer garments. Good move! However, now is also the time to make changes to your cosmetics bag so that you’re ready for fall when it comes to your makeup. Use these easy tips to get your stash ready for autumn and you’ll look and feel gorgeous each and every day.

1. Look for Products with Less Glitter and Shimmer

Look for Products with Less Glitter and Shimmer

I’m not saying you should never wear shiny stuff, but when the weather starts to turn cool, it’s nice to lay off the bright summer shine you rocked at the pool and the beach. A subtle shimmer is just fine, but try to stay away from makeup that has big bits of glitter or that is super shiny.

Keep Using Products That Contain SPF
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