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We all have days when we need to put on a dab of concealer. But is one shade really enough, or could you benefit from a concealer kit? Look at a makeup counter and you'll see kits with colors like violet and green, or that have different shades in them. Here's what you can do with one of these palettes …

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Color concealer palettes are brilliant if you have problems like acne or dark circles. They work to neutralise the areas that you want to hide, rather than simply covering them up. For example, dark circles can be hidden using a yellow or peachy concealer, and dull areas can be brightened with a yellow shade.


Target Different Areas

A concealer pallet means that you can target specific areas and problems. You might have redness in certain areas on your face, but prefer not to use a heavy foundation to cover them up. With a green concealer you can target the redness without piling on the coverage on areas that don't need it.



One shade really can't cover up all imperfections, which is why concealer doesn't always do what it's supposed to do. Pick a palette and you've got a variety of shades to work with. There are plenty of palettes with four or more shades, which means that whatever skin problem you need to conceal, you should have a shade to deal with it.


You Can Blend Shades

Yet another advantage of a concealer kit is that you can mix and match to blend your own shades. If you find that your skin tone or skin problem isn't quite covered by the colors in the kit, then adding a dab of one to another may give you the exact right shade. It's a bit fiddly, but you'll soon get a feel for which shades work together to give you the coverage you need.


You Can Use Them as Highlighters

Concealer kits are actually more versatile than merely concealing. If you buy a kit that has a shade lighter than your skin tone, you can use it as a highlighter. You can also use a lighter shade around your lips to enhance them and help create the perfect shape. So you can be creative and get a gorgeous glow using a concealer.


You've Got It All Covered … Literally

With a concealer palette, you've got it all covered - in more ways than one. The larger the palette, the more colors you have in your makeup arsenal. It can cope with all your skin problems, deal with any variations that you may experience in the changing seasons, and means that you can always find the perfect concealer, whatever your needs.


There Are Colors for Different Complexions & Tones

If you have a darker or olive skin, your concealer needs are going to be different from lighter complexions. Happily there are palettes to suit different complexions and skin tones, like this one from Make Up For Ever ( Whether you're Asian, super-pale or have a dark complexion, there's a kit for you.

So why not discover what a concealer palette can do for you? It will revolutionise your makeup and allow you to achieve a flawless look. You'll never look back - but you will look perfect!

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