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Summer is definitely the most wonderful time of the year, but your lipstick might not agree. Hot temperatures and sweaty faces add up to a slippery nightmare on your lips. My personal choice is to skip it the in summer and go with a tinted lip balm instead, but I realize that some ladies aren’t down for that. If you want lipstick that lasts during the summer months, here’s what you need to do.

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Don’t Put on Too Much Lipstick

You’re better off reapplying a bit more often than you are piling on more than one coat. The less lipstick you have on, the less chance of it sliding off. So go for one good coat and then just check often to see if you need to touch it up. This might take a bit to get used to, but you’ll love how your lipstick doesn’t move onto your skin or teeth.


Consider a Lip Staining Product Rather than Traditional Lipstick

You can often find a lip stain in the same shade as your favorite lipstick. This type of product is lighter weight, but still gives you the fabulous color you want. It won’t feel as slick on your lips, which might take some getting used to, but the color will last much longer and won’t migrate off your lips when you least expect it.


Apply Foundation on Your Lips before Your Lipstick

A light coat of foundation will help your lipstick have more staying power, say make-up experts. When you do your face, slide a bit of the product on your lips. When it dries, apply your lipstick as usual. You might be surprised at how such a simple step can keep your lipstick fabulous, even when the mercury soars.


Keep Some Blotting Papers with You at All Times

These are great for a shiny forehead, but when things heat up and your face gets slick, you can also use one to blot your lips so that the oil doesn’t make your lipstick slide. Of course, you’re going to want to get the rest of your face as well so it doesn’t cause a mess on your lips and all over.


Try a Water Resistant Formula

Most lipstick is water resistant to some degree, but if you look for a tube that is specifically designed to stay put in the water, you’re going to be a lot happier. Whether you’re all sweaty or you’re taking a dip in the ocean, your lipstick will be where you left it and you’ll stay looking beautiful, no matter what you do.


Choose a Long-Lasting Lipstick so You Don’t Have to Worry

I’m not promising that a long-lasting lipstick is going to be in place all day long, but they are formulated to last longer than traditional ones. The ingredients are designed to stay put even when you’re eating and drinking. Those same ingredients may be better able to withstand the heat and sweat you deal with in the summer. It can’t hurt to try, right?


Consider Trapping Your Lipstick with Liner

I’m not a huge fan of lip liner, but it can serve its purpose by corralling wayward lipstick when it’s hot outside. Use a shade that exactly matches your lipstick and carefully apply it all around your mouth. It should serve as a barrier for melting lipstick. Let me know how it works out for you!

What other tips and tricks do you have for keeping lipstick where it belongs? Will you be trying any of these this summer?

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Lip lift by Guerlain is a lip primer! It's awesome! Keeps lipstick from bleeding and it lasts all day! :))

Nice tips thanks

My lipstick disappears when I eat .. 😐

Try the Rimmel lipstick,first use the colour then apply the gloss, believe me it stays put all day.

Awesome post

Great post but I don't wear lipstick just lip balm but I like it though

Awesome! Thanks👍

I also apply a light layer of foundation/concealor b4 I put my lipstick on. It adheres much better.

The only one that works for me is Revlon Colorstay. I literally need a Brillo pad to get it off HOURS and HOURS later.

Thanks alot

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