How to Take Your Makeup from Day to Date Night ...


So you’ve got a date after work but you can’t exactly show up for your job with date makeup. These tips can help you to easily, flawlessly take your makeup from day to date. A few quick steps can change your look from professional to sultry and sexy. Why start from scratch when a few touch ups can produce the same results?

1. Do Damage Control First

Before you begin transforming your makeup from day to date night makeup, you want to do some damage control. Look for eyeliner and mascara smudges, feathered lipstick or makeup that’s settled into fine lines on your face. You want to take care of those first for the best finish. Carefully remove smudges and feathering with a makeup removal cleansing cloth. You can usually blend the makeup out of fine lines with your fingers.

Add a Small Layer of Foundation
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