Genius Tips for Applying Your Concealer for a Flawless Finish ...


Genius Tips for Applying Your Concealer for a Flawless Finish ...
Genius Tips for Applying Your Concealer for a Flawless Finish ...

Concealer is a magical little product that can help you feel better about your looks even if you have acne scars or a breakout. I use concealer every single day and there’s a big difference when it’s on compared to when it’s not. Getting concealer on right can be tricky. Too much is obvious, but too little doesn’t do a good job of masking what you’re trying to hide. So, I went to the experts and got the best tips for getting your concealer just right, once and for all.

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Pick the Right Color of Concealer or It Will Never Look Good

face, eyebrow, hair, cheek, nose, You’re never going to be able to count on flawless concealer if you choose the wrong shade. You need a concealer that very closely matches your skin and foundation. When you smooth on the product, you want it to blend into the area around it, right? The wrong shade, whether it’s too light or too dark, will never mesh and will be totally obvious. Test the products before buying to make sure you get the best one for you.


Use Concealer after Foundation, but before Your Blush

face, eyebrow, nose, beauty, skin, If you put your concealer on first, swiping your foundation over the top can wipe it off. Instead, dab the concealer on after you put your foundation on. That way you can blend the two products together seamlessly for the best coverage possible. Then, lightly brush on blush to give your face the color you want without removing the concealer in the process.


Applying concealer after foundation ensures that you're focusing on the areas that actually need a bit more coverage, rather than blanketing your entire face with a thick layer. Blend gently with a fingertip, sponge, or brush, focusing on blemishes, under-eye circles, or any redness. Be sure to tap the concealer in, rather than rub, to avoid streaks and to ensure staying power. After smoothing out the edges, you can dust on your blush with confidence, as the concealer has set the stage for a flawless canvas that won't be disrupted by the blush application.


Apply Concealer under Your Eye in a Triangle Shape

hair, face, black hair, person, eyebrow, This technique gives you an instant lift and takes the emphasis away from your under eyes by making them blend more evenly with the rest of your face. Draw the concealer on with the bottom of the triangle spanning the area under your eye and extending the point down to your cheekbone. Then blend it in to hide dark circles and brighten your entire face.


When you tap your favorite concealer onto your skin, use a beauty sponge or your ring finger—the gentlest of your digits—to avoid tugging at the delicate under-eye area. The warmth of your finger helps in blending the product seamlessly. Remember to set the concealer with a light dusting of translucent powder to ensure it stays in place all day. This avoids creasing and maintains a bright, natural look that elevates your entire makeup routine.


Use a Green Concealer on Breakouts, then Top It with a Concealer in Your Skin Tone

hair, human hair color, face, eyebrow, blond, A green concealer is your prime choice for concealing pimples because the color tends to neutralize the redness of zits. Once you have that one blended, top it with a concealer that matches your skin tone so that the entire area blends evenly into your skin. You only need the green concealer if you have a breakout. You can skip it if you don’t have any pimples to cover up.


Gently Blot Your Concealer with a Tissue to Prevent Creases

eyebrow, face, hair, nose, cheek, Once you have your concealer in place, gently dab it with a tissue to keep excess product from settling in the creases around your eyes. This is definitely a step I never miss because I hate it when my makeup migrates into fine lines, making them look deeper than they are. This simple step will give you tons of confidence because you’ll never have to worry about creases on your face ever again.

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Use Concealer Mixed with Face Cream to Give You a Nice Glow

face, hair, facial expression, lip, eyebrow, If you want full face coverage with your concealer, this easy tip will change your life. Simply mix a bit of liquid concealer with your face cream (you can do this on the back of your hand), then smooth it everywhere. You get the moisture you need and a healthy glow to go with it. You’ll look younger and fresher in seconds.


One of the best ways to get a flawless finish with your concealer is to mix it with a face cream. This can be done on the back of your hand and is a great way to get the coverage you need and a healthy glow. The creamy texture of the face cream helps to evenly distribute the concealer and provides a more natural look.

When applying the concealer mixed with face cream, use a damp sponge or brush to blend it in. This will help to create a seamless finish and ensure that the concealer is not overly thick or cakey. Start with the inner corners of your eyes and work your way out. Then, use the same technique to blend the concealer around your nose and mouth.

To avoid any creasing or caking, be sure to set the concealer with a light dusting of translucent powder. This will help to keep the concealer in place and also give you a more matte finish. You can also use a setting spray to help lock in the concealer and keep it from creasing throughout the day.


If All else Fails, Just Use Foundation as Concealer

hair, human hair color, face, blond, eyebrow, This is my favorite tip and is something I generally do every day. If you plan to do this, apply your foundation first. Then brush on your blush and bronzer. Finally, dab a tiny dot of your foundation over the spots you want to cover up. You know the concealer will blend perfectly with your foundation since they are the same product. This works great on your forehead where pimple scars tend to stand out.

What’s your go-to concealer tip? Will you try any of these?

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#4 is so true.

I found that if you use a good face primer, you could apply the lighter concealer straight on. Then, apply the foundation around to minimize the use of products on your face. Then, blend in, and it'll look great. Use the darker concealer to cover blemishes

I didn't know about #5 definitely going to try it

After #1, you took me to school Eliza! I have an important meeting tomorrow morning, and I guarantee I will using some of this tips😉

For my acne scars i mainly use my foundation because concealer sometimes just feels heavy on my skin

Love the tips thanks for sharing

Can you please do more makeup posts. I love to learn new ways to do my makeup. There used to be a lot of makeup posts but they are very few and far between lately. Thanks

Yes of course! For flawless concealer application I loooooove to use the tiny green beauty blender don't know the name but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about it's amazing it blends wonderfully wow beauty blender are really worth it own them all no dupe compares!!

Even a post about new products or dupes would be great! I love to find great makeup dupes!

And you're done!

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