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How to Take Your Makeup from Day to Date Night ...

By Alicia

So you’ve got a date after work but you can’t exactly show up for your job with date makeup. These tips can help you to easily, flawlessly take your makeup from day to date. A few quick steps can change your look from professional to sultry and sexy. Why start from scratch when a few touch ups can produce the same results?

1 Do Damage Control First

Before you begin transforming your makeup from day to date night makeup, you want to do some damage control. Look for eyeliner and mascara smudges, feathered lipstick or makeup that’s settled into fine lines on your face. You want to take care of those first for the best finish. Carefully remove smudges and feathering with a makeup removal cleansing cloth. You can usually blend the makeup out of fine lines with your fingers.

2 Add a Small Layer of Foundation

I do this right over top of what I’m already wearing. It doesn’t take as much foundation when you’re refreshing your makeup as it does when you’re applying it for the first time. Your personal preferences are going to come into play here but you’ll probably need about half of what you use on a bare face. It could take even less than that. You may only want to apply it to certain areas of your face, too.


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3 Touch up Your Blush

Touching up your blush makes your date night magic sparkle. This’s another area where a little goes a long way. A bit of your first blush application will probably still be showing through. Concentrate mainly on the apples of your cheeks. This can help to give you a gorgeous flush for the night ahead.

4 Use Powder Sparingly

You want to use caution with powder. It’s very easy for your makeup to end up looking cakey when you apply powder at the end of the workday. Only use it on areas where shine is a problem. You may even consider using whatever’s left on your brush from earlier that morning. If shine isn’t an issue for you then you can skip it altogether.

5 Add a Bit of Depth in the Crease

Refreshing your eye makeup is probably the most difficult part of taking your makeup from day to date. Refreshing eye makeup isn’t easy in any circumstance. One thing you can do to add some sparkle for date night is add a bit of depth in the crease. You can go a bit darker with the color you chose for work or choose a completely different shade. This makes your eye makeup look magical.

6 Refresh Your Eyeliner

It’s much easier to refresh your eyeliner than it is your mascara. It’s very easy to run into clumps and crunchiness when you try to refresh your mascara at the end of the day. Therefore, it’s best to concentrate on your eyeliner. Date night is the perfect time to wear a sexy cat eye or whatever your favorite date night eye makeup look is. Liquid and gel liner give a more dramatic impact if that’s what you’re going for.

7 Switch out Your Lipstick

Put away your pink day lipstick and go for a nude lip to set off your smoky eye. Red or a deep berry are also great choices for date night lipstick. The main idea is you wear something a bit different than your day look. You want your look to say date night and this’s one way to do it. Of course the only thing your guy is going to be thinking about your lips and that’s how they’ll feel on his!

These’re 7 steps to take your makeup from day to date. What’re your secrets for making your makeup date night ready? I can’t wait to hear your tips!

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