Pro Tips on How to Use Makeup Testers Safely ...


Pro Tips on How to Use Makeup Testers Safely ...
Pro Tips on How to Use Makeup Testers Safely ...

Wondering how to use makeup testers safely? Depending on which store you are in, browsing the makeup department can be like something out of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory! So many products available for testing and so little time in which to do it, but have you ever stopped to think about all of the other hands and faces that have touched the testers before you? I’m not a germaphobe but the sheer number of people who might have handled makeup testers does bother me enough to take precautions. To avoid any unforeseen reactions as best you can, follow these simple steps on how to use makeup testers safely.

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Cleaning Alcohol

To be super safe, you should always be cleaning the product with an alcohol solution before you apply it for a test. At the very least wipe the surface with a tissue before applying. This is one of the most important steps in how to use makeup testers safely.


Hands and Neck

Once cleaned, you should only test the product on an area of your body like your hands or your neck because they are generally less sensitive than your face. Afterwards, of course, rub the area with the alcohol cleaning solution.


Common Sense

It’s really all about common sense. For example, if you happen to have some cracked skin or an open wound, then it’s best not to be applying the tester to those areas. Also, if you can, pay attention to the people ahead of you who are testing the products. Does their skin look healthy too?


Day of the Week

You will have better chance of safe testing if you shop in the middle of the week, with Saturday and Sunday being much busier and therefore days when there will be more people in the stores handling and testing the products.


Avoid Icky Ones

Any tester that even has an icky look and feel should be avoided. You don’t know what caused it to get into that state so don’t second guess it. Just leave it alone.

If you’re ever in any doubt, ask the store assistant if there is something you can see the product tested on.

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