If You're a Brunette, These Makeup Colors Will Look Gorge on You ...

As a brown-eyed brunette, finding fun colors that look good with my hair and eye color is, well, not fun. If you’re in a similar hair and eye color situation, you know my pain. I love my hair and eye color, but I wish that I could play up my makeup with something more fun. Today, though, that wish is over, because I’ve compiled a list of the some of the best shades for your makeup. Whether you have black hair, dark brown hair, or even lighter brown hair, these makeup shades will look great in your next amazing makeup look!

1. Plum

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If your hair is a deep, rich espresso brown, you would look great wearing plum hues in your makeup. Whether you incorporate the color into your blush or your eye shadow, the shade will add such richness to your entire makeup look, especially when paired with your gorgeous dark hair!

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