7 Huge Eyeliner Mistakes to Avoid if You Want the Perfect Cat-Eye ...

Eyeliner mistakes can turn your cat-eye into ravaged panda! Eyeliner can enhance your eyes and bring out their natural beauty. But there’re many ways that eyeliner application can go wrong. There’s a lot of room for self-expression in how you wear your eyeliner. However, there’re some dos and don’ts of applying eyeliner when it comes to your technique.

1. Resist Pulling Your Eyelid down

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Many women apply their eyeliner by pulling their eyelid down and to the side. I’m going to admit that I’m guilty of this. It’s a hard habit to break but we need to. This daily pulling down and out stretches the skin on your eyelid which contributes to wrinkles. It’s not as easy to apply your eyeliner by only closing your eye but it can be done.

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