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Job Interview Makeup Tricks for Young Girls Wanting to Look Mature ...

By Alicia

So you’ve got an interview and you want to look mature. Maybe you’re young or just have a youthful appearance and feel concerned that your prospective employer won’t think you’re mature enough for the job. These tips can help you do your makeup to look mature and capable. Let’s talk about them, shall we?

1 Forget Edgy Trends when You’re Doing Interview Makeup

hair, blond, person, hairstyle, woman,Edgy trends in makeup are fun, creative and a great way to express yourself. But they aren’t the best choice for interview makeup. They don’t look professional or mature. Edgy trends in makeup are often followed by younger women and that’s the impression it’ll give to your employer. Choose to go for more of a basic makeup look for your interview.

2 Only Wear What You Need

hair, facial expression, hairstyle, photography, model,More makeup won’t make you look mature. In fact, if you’re in your teens or early 20s, piling on what you don’t need in the way of foundation, concealer and powder can make you look like you’re trying too hard to look grown up. Many times, you don’t need full foundation coverage if you’re young. If you’re blessed with good skin, let it show through. Your prospective employer won’t be thinking how young you look; they’ll be admiring your beautiful skin.


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3 Fill in Your Brows

hair, hairstyle, bangs, eyebrow, photography,A full brow is the look of a mature woman. It’s a bold look that women who feel confident in who they are have begun to embrace. If you aren’t ready for a completely full brow then consider just filling yours in a bit. It’s not difficult and you may find you love it so much that you want to continue it in your everyday makeup. One tip to follow, though. Practice it before your interview day so that you’re comfortable in this makeup skill.

4 Choose Neutral Colors for Your Eyeshadow

hair, hairstyle, person, blond, woman,I love the look of smoky eyes or eye makeup that’s bold and eye catching. Those are perfect looks for going out on the weekends but not for your interview. Stick with neutral eyeshadow colors such as cream, taupe, tan, brown or even light gray. Those are good colors that won’t stand out as too trendy, experimental or youthful. Neutral eyeshadow colors give a mature impression.

5 Stick with Basic Black for Your Eyeliner and Mascara

clothing, hair, person, hairstyle, model,You also don’t want to wear a purple eyeliner or mascara during your interview. Stick with basic black. It can be a little dull if you’re used to wearing more colorful choices, but it’ll serve you well in this circumstance. Charcoal and brown are also acceptable for eyeliner, as is brown/black for mascara. Basically, you want to stay away from anything vibrant in your eye makeup for your interview.

6 Trade Your Gloss in for Lipstick

clothing, hair, person, hairstyle, photography,Lip gloss is a product favored by younger women. While it’s very pretty, it doesn’t scream maturity. Trade your lip gloss in for a lipstick for your interview. Lipstick gives an older appearance but is still very appropriate for older teens and women in their twenties on up. It’s fine to add a bit of lip gloss on top of your lipstick for the shine factor if that makes you more comfortable.

7 Stay Away from Bright Lipstick Shades

blond, hair, eyebrow, hairstyle, woman,Lipstick is a makeup that says maturity but not if it’s a shockingly bright pink or purple. Those are great looks for other times but not for an interview. Choose to go with a lip color that’s understated. One that’s close to your actual lip color will work well. Nude lipsticks are also acceptable and are very stylish right now.

These are 7 tips to look mature in your makeup choices for your interview. Which of these tips are helpful to you? I’d love to hear from you!

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