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The next time you're planning an evening out, take the opportunity to experiment with some new eye shadow looks. You can't go too crazy during the day, especially if you're heading to the office, but once the sun sets and you're ready for a night of excitement, playing with new looks can be quite fun. Try some bright colors or some new techniques, put on some fake lashes, get dramatic with your eyeliner – whatever tickles your fancy! Take a look at some of these dazzling eye shadow looks and try one of them the next time you head out with your friends or your special someone.

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Bronzed Beauty

Bronzed Beauty Via 12 Easy Prom Makeup Ideas ...

Not all nighttime eye shadow looks have to be wild, though. Some sparkling bronze with a little smoky appeal always looks gorgeous.


Peacock Appeal

Peacock Appeal Via 20 Amazing Eye Makeup Pictures ...

Of course, pretty peacock hues are show-stoppers as well. I love the gorgeous blending here, and the way the purple complements the teal.


Muted Peacock Appeal

Muted Peacock Appeal Via Love eyes!

If purple isn't your thing, a gorgeous shade of green is still a must-try. This is made more neutral with the addition of black and brown.


Smoky Taupe

Smoky Taupe Via Poze MACHIAJ DE SEARA pentru ...

The smoky eye trend lends itself well to neutral colors as well as dramatic ones. This is great for a night out but could actually also work for a fun daytime activity.


Smoky taupe is a versatile eye shadow look that can be used for both day and night. It is a great way to add a subtle hint of drama to your look without going overboard. The smoky eye look is achieved by blending dark and light shades of taupe together. The result is a warm, smoky look that can be paired with other neutral shades to create a stunning eye makeup look. Smoky taupe is a great choice for those with brown or hazel eyes, as it will bring out the natural colors of your eyes. It is also a great choice for those with fair skin, as it will give you a subtle yet glamorous look.


D is for Drama

D is for Drama Via amazingeyemakeuptips.blogspot.com

I love the mix of bronze/gold with that dark shade. It looks like a wine or a burgundy with purple undertones – what do you think?


Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors Via Fashion-Isha: Grand Opening Event! Devoris ...

A gorgeous muted grey creates a certain kind of smolder that always looks hot.


Black and Pink Smoke

Black and Pink Smoke Via Tutorial – Maquiagem vermelha para ...

I'm a sucker for pink shadow, and I love the way it blends with black here.


All That Glitters

All That Glitters Via Most Popular Photos | Beautylish

During the day, you often have to be wary of anything too glittery, but nighttime is your time to shine.


Gold Shimmer

Gold Shimmer Via Tudo sobre Moda e Beleza

There's something soft and magical about this gold shimmer. I think it would look great with a few dark green or violet accents as well.


Rose Gold

Rose Gold Via Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

This promises to make you look dewy and ethereal, no matter what your eye or skin color.


Not Quite Nude

Not Quite Nude Via Special Koko : NYX Nude ...

This is a perfect evening look if you want something subtle but still attention-grabbing.


On Wings of Mint

On Wings of Mint Via Brights & Neutrals - Trends ...

I don't know what I love more, the winged eyeliner or that cool minty color.


Copper Touches

Copper Touches I don't think copper eye makeup gets enough attention, do you?


Dark and Dramatic

Dark and Dramatic Via indulgy.com

You simply can't go wrong with a classic smoky eye.


Pastel Pretty

Pastel Pretty Via Standout Southwestern Infinity Scarf Tribal ...

Never think that you can't go the pastel route for a night on the town.


Glittering Gold

Glittering Gold Via Gold Glitter with Deep Purple ...

Gold and purple look perfect together, and the combination pairs especially well with green or hazel eyes.


So Blue

So Blue Via Diva-licious

Dark blues are truly breathtaking, and they're perfect if you want to get away from the traditional blacks, greys, and browns.


Gold and Green

Gold and Green Via Danyel Cosmetics - Eyeshadows – ...

This is just entirely stunning. I love that iridescent shimmer.


Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink Via Eye Makeup

If you're looking for an especially feminine evening look, pink is the way to go. This look uses dark purple at the crease.


Pink and Purple

Pink and Purple Via Pink Shadow - Red Lips ...

Here's a slightly more dramatic take on the above look.


Bright Blue

Bright Blue Via Summer Evening

From the blue to the eye-opening white at the corner, this is simply beautiful.


Smoky Style

Smoky Style Via makeup

This is a sultry take on the smoky eye.


Touches of Brightness

Touches of Brightness Via 20 Amazing Eyeliner Looks - ...

The touches of blue-green definitely make this look.



Multicolored Via Valentine’s Day With Friends | ...

Who knew blue and pink could look so good together?


Sparkle Sparkle

Sparkle Sparkle Via Facebook

Some pinks, some purples, some browns – this is flawless.


Black and Brown

Black and Brown Via MAKEUP and HAIR

I never would have thought black and brown could look this fantastic either. So dramatic!


Metallic Mix

Metallic Mix Via makeuploversunite.tumblr.com

I see some gold, some bronze, and even some copper, and I love every shade.


Silver Stardust

Silver Stardust Via indulgy.com

This looks like a smattering of stardust!


Navy and Nice

Navy and Nice Via Features of the Face

This blue is dark and dramatic and totally dynamic.


Glistening Gold

Glistening Gold Via love this

This gold take on the smoky eye is somewhat subtle but still ideal for a night out.


Green with Envy

Green with Envy Via hannahbdesign.com

Would you be bold enough to step out with this look?


Fading Fabulous

Fading Fabulous Via Make up

I love how a nude shade fades into gold, which fades into purple.


Ice Queen

Ice Queen Via Learn About The Origins of ...

This looks so icy and delicious! It would make your eyes look incredibly bright and wide open.


Iridescent Shimmer

Iridescent Shimmer Via Miscellaneous

This is a little wintry as well, but the touch of coppery brown warms up the whole look.


Colorful Cool

Colorful Cool Via Be Inspired

Something about this reminds me of a desert sunset, as the sky turns to dusk.


Color Everywhere

Color Everywhere Via QseraBeauty.com - Authority Beauty Tips

This, too, is reminiscent of a dusky night sky – so it's perfect for an evening look. I love the dramatic, rough blend, and the touch of purple along the lower lashes.


Radiant Rainbow

Radiant Rainbow Via Touch of Color by Savanna ...

Turquoise, pink, gold … this is gorgeous and glamorous.

Even if you have an eye shadow technique you love, it pays to experiment sometimes. Would you try any of these looks, or is there something else you're dying to wear?

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Wow these are all so gorgeous, even the lighter smoky ones - i love the rainbow one too! I feel like a clown sometimes when i put eye make up in, but this is a good resource to help me :)

Sign believe this . It's made by professional make up . And after it's photoshopped

Sign believe this . It's made by professional make up . And after it's photoshopped

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