Use These Easy Makeup Tips to 'edge' up Your Look This Fall ...


If you want to go for a moodier look this season, there are three simple and easy ways to help you achieve it! Trust me, even if you're new to the world of dark makeup, these tips will have you looking like a pro.

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Try a Smokey Eye

Try a Smokey Eye If you a want a subtle but edgier look for the fall, try wearing a smokey eye! Add a little black or brown eyeshadow and use a makeup/smudger brush to give you the effect.


Dark Lip Shades

Dark Lip Shades Wearing dark lipstick instantly adds an edginess to your look but make sure you're picking out the most flattering shade for your skin tone! Once you've chosen one, use a brush to apply the color, to give a clean and streak-free look. Remember, if you're wearing a dark lip, don't overdo it with the eye makeup!

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Warm up with Your Nails

Warm up with Your Nails Not ready to commit to dark lips and smokey eyes? No problem. Warm up to the idea of wearing dark makeup by trying out some colors on your nails. Whether they're black, dark brown, or even grey, these colors will help transition your look into fall.

How do you like to edge up your look?

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Love them all! Thank you!

Nice article :)

I love make up

Love the black nails with smokey eye look style too perfection would be some loud ass fly pumps with black clothing and bright lipstick ;)

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