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Now that cooler days are on the way and the sun doesn’t shine for as many hours each day, you might be looking for some tips for applying bronzer. It’s definitely something to think about because bronzer gives you that glow you crave, but you want it to look natural, which means a different technique for the colder months of the year. So, without further ado, here are some easy tips for applying bronzer that you can use while you wait for summer to roll back around.

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Use a Little Less

Even if you spend plenty of time outdoors during the fall, you won’t get the same golden color you get during the summer. One of the best tips for applying bronzer is to tone it down just a bit so you don’t look fake. You could always tell people you just got back from Bali, but it’s probably more believable to just use a bit less during the fall.


Lighten up

You can pull off a darker shade of bronzer during the summer when it looks more natural to have a deeper color on your skin. However, once fall rolls around, you should gradually lighten up the shade. If there is a huge difference between the color of your bronzer and the color of the skin on your jaw and neck, you won’t look natural. Go a shade or two lighter until the weather warms back up.


Pair It with Your Foundation

Just like bronzer, you might lighten up your foundation shade when fall comes. As you do this, make sure you like the way it looks when topped with your bronzer. That way you have the look you want and the products you need to get it. If you don’t like how it looks, mix and match to find the combination that works best for you.


Get a Bronzer Brush

Whether it’s summer or fall, using a bronzer brush makes it much easier to get it applied just the way you want it. That means you can get a little less during the fall, but won’t need an entirely new tool to dust on a bit more during the summer. You can find bronzer brushes in a range of price categories so you can definitely find one that fits your budget.


Choose a Matte Finish

You can easily pull off a shimmery look during the summer, but it isn’t as easy during the fall. Many make-up experts recommend choosing a matte finish when it comes to your fall bronzer. That way you can wear it and give your face a bit of color without looking like you’re heading to the beach.


Try a Cream Bronzer

For women who don’t wear a lot of foundation, cream bronzer blends in well and gives you a natural flush as opposed to a too dark or too shiny look. You can easily apply cream bronzer with your fingers for the most natural look.


Apply It Correctly

Of course, even the perfect bronzer will look bad if you don’t apply it properly. Most make-up experts suggest starting at your forehead, then moving in to your cheek bones and sweeping down to your jawline. You’ll end up with a “3” shape on your face.

Do you wear bronzer? I definitely use it all year long so I don’t look pale or sickly. I love how it gives me the right glow (provided I follow these steps). Do you have any other suggestions for applying bronzer in the fall?

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I love bronzer & being tan in general!

And if you contour your face remember to lighten that up as well, otherwise you'll look like a drag queen!!

So sexy eyes!!!!!!!!!!

I don't use bronzer at all

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