7 Ways to Conceal Those Annoying Dark Circles ...


Do you need some ways to conceal dark circles? It's so annoying when you have panda eyes that make you look like you never have enough sleep. Unfortunately it's difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of them, as they tend to be hereditary. But you can cover them up or make them less visible. Here are some ways to conceal dark circles …

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Colored Concealer

One of the newer ways to conceal dark circles is to use a colored concealer. Before, there were only skin-toned concealers available, but now there are lots of colored versions on the market. These work by canceling out the tone of the circles. Buy a concealer palette with different colors, and experiment to find the shade that works best to hide your circles.


Creamy Concealer

If your concealer doesn't hide your dark circles properly, it may be that it is too dry. A creamy concealer may work better to hide dark circles. This can also be helpful if you have fine lines around your eyes, as it won't sink into them.


On the Circles

Also be careful where you apply the concealer. We often apply it with a too-heavy hand, but it should be targeted on the areas that really need it. In the case of dark circles it should only be used on the circles, rather than on the entire under-eye area. Use your ring finger or a tiny brush to apply the product precisely where it needs to go.


Lighter Shade

Using a concealer that is slightly lighter than your foundation may also work to hide dark circles. This is difficult if you have very pale skin as I do (in which case a colored concealer may be the best bet for you). But if you don't have pale skin it could be the answer, as a lighter concealer will work to counteract the dark tones of the circles.


Specialist Concealer

You can also buy concealer specifically designed to hide dark circles, such as this one by Nyx (ulta.com). There are four shades, so you should be able to find the one that works for you. You could also try a product like the famous Touche Eclat, which may be expensive but is loved by many women.


Herbal Remedies

There are also a number of herbal remedies you can try to help reduce your dark circles. They probably won't disappear altogether, but you may improve their appearance (and so need less makeup to hide them). Many home remedies are considered to help dark circles; try camomile tea bags, witch hazel, and even shredded potato.


Wear Glasses

Finally, there's a really simple way of concealing your dark circles - simply wear glasses! I was really pleased when I realized that my frames hid the annoying dark circles that run in my family. So if you have to wear glasses, think of this as a bonus - you don't need to mess around with makeup to hide your dark circles!

Dark circles are so annoying because they make you look tired and even older. But with the right concealer you can make them disappear, if only temporarily. Apply the concealer carefully and set it with translucent powder. Have you found a really good concealer that you'd recommend?

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I think glasses actually slightly magnify your eyes, and therefore your dark circles if they're seen through the frames.

Another reason to love my glasses!

Thank you for the info.

I wear glasses for reading, the only problem is, they rub off my concealer leaving me with bigger circles than before!! :(

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