7 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Want to Slim Their Face ...


Just like there are clothing tricks to create a slimmer look, so too are there make-up hacks that you should be using. Of course, youโ€™re beautiful at any size, but if you arenโ€™t happy with what you see in the mirror, itโ€™s time to change your make-up routine. Some basic (and really easy) tricks are all you need to create a slimmer looking face with very little time and effort. Youโ€™ll get loads of compliments and an outstanding boost to your confidence.

1. Use a Primer to Get Rid of Puffiness

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A good quality primer helps create a clean, smooth and slim slate for your make-up. Experts say to smooth it on before your cosmetics because it helps tighten skin and control puffiness so that your face looks thinner in an instant. As a bonus, primer helps keep your make-up in place all day long so you never have to reapply.

Contour Your Cheeks Using a Flat Brush
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