7 Tips for Refreshing Your Makeup during the Day ...

By Alicia

7 Tips for Refreshing Your Makeup during the Day ...

If you wear makeup from morning to night then you’re going to need to refresh it at some point during the day. It can be confusing to figure out exactly what parts need touching up. Some touchups are helpful while others don’t have the same effect. These are 7 tips to help you refresh your makeup so you always look beautiful.

1 Oil Blotters Are a Must

Before you go into refreshing your makeup, use an oil blotting paper. They’re a must! They remove the oil, sweat and grime that’s built up on your face during the day. If you don’t follow this step then you’re just adding makeup into the mess. Oil blotters give your face the freshest start for touching up your makeup.

2 Add a Touch of Blush

Blush tends to fade away easily. Therefore, adding a small amount to revive your color is always a good idea. Cream blush is a nice option to carry with you since there’s no need for a brush. A few tiny dots blended in and your color is restored. Refreshing your blush always perks up your face.

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3 Blend in Escaping Concealer

It’s a problem most of us have. The concealer you so carefully applied begins to gather in the fine lines under your eyes or around a blemish. It’s good to take a moment to blend in the excess. Your makeup finish will look smoother and everything will still be carefully concealed. This is an important part of refreshing your makeup.

4 Refresh Your Foundation by Touching up with Powder

When most of us think of touching up our makeup, powder is one of the first products that come to mind. Powder is wonderful at keeping shine down and holding your makeup in place. It has a special ability to make your makeup look complete. Mid-day meltdowns are a thing of the past when you refresh your powder. It’s one of the magic makeup products that’s always the right choice.

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5 Reapply Eyeshadow in Your Crease

As your day drifts by, the eyeshadow in your crease may start to disappear. This happens less when you use a primer, but it’s still something to contend with to some degree. It doesn’t take a lot to fix this mid-day makeup need. Apply the smallest amount of eyeshadow to your crease again and you’re set to go. You may even have enough left on the brush from your morning application to do the job.

6 Skip Extra Mascara and Touch up Your Eyeliner Instead

Trying to apply another coat of mascara on top of your morning application doesn’t usually work out well. Your lashes are usually hardened and adding another coat leaves you with crunchy, spidery lashes, which aren’t a good look. Skip revitalizing your mascara and concentrate on your eyeliner instead. Adding just a touch of eyeliner to the outer corners of your eyes will refresh your eye makeup and give you just what they need for the remainder of the day. It’s the perfect makeup trick to transition your makeup from day to evening, too.

7 Lipstick is Always Important

Along with powder, lipstick is the other makeup product commonly thought of when it comes to touchups. Lipstick does need a bit of assistance to get through the day. Eating and drinking can fade it into nothingness. It’s the part of your makeup that usually needs to be refreshed most often. Taking a moment to reapply it can pull your whole face together.

These tips for refreshing your makeup throughout the day will help you to always look your best. You’ll feel confident knowing your makeup is on point. What’re your tips for refreshing your makeup?

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Yes at Taylor! The touch up mists are a great product to refresh your skin& make up.

You forgot spraying your face with a refreshing mist to get rid of any cakiness that has appeared. Such as Mac Fix+ or TonyMoly Sleek/Dewy Bunny mist. You can also use rose water too



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