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7 Make up Tips for Flawless Skin ...

By Kati

One of my most popular Pinterest boards is full of makeup tips for flawless skin. Why? Well, people everywhere want to learn new ways to cover pimples, under eye circles, blemishes and discolorations, and with the market changing all the time, there is always a new and better way to do it. And when it’s a flawless finish that we’re going for, we want something easy to replicate, and totally natural looking. Here are my favourite makeup tips for flawless skin. Give them a try!

1 Foundation First

One of the most underused makeup tips for flawless skin has to be that CONCEALER DOESN’T GO FIRST. If you apply your foundation first, you’ll see that you don’t need to use as much concealer, which results in a much more natural look, and saves you concealer! Apply your concealer first, and you’ll wipe most of it off when you put your foundation on.

2 The Triangle Technique

Put your concealer brush underneath your inner eye, next to your nose. Sweep down the length of your nose, across your cheek, so you’ve drawn one side of a triangle. Sweep back up to the other side of your eye, and connect the two sides with the final stripe, which should run underneath your eye. This is the best way to apply concealer – it conceals dark circles, and creates the illusion of a lifted face.

3 Great Base

Prime your eyelids before you apply eyeshadow by sweeping on a thin layer of your concealer. Dab on, rub in and apply the shadow directly on top. It’ll last a lot longer, and you’ll have a much more professional finish. You’ll also notice that it makes you look more awake if you’ve got tired eyes!

4 Spots = Green

One of the most common uses for concealer is to hide away pimples and spots, but it’s hardly ever done right. To start, you need to contrast the red, which means you need a green concealer. Dab it on with a clean brush, to prevent worsening the spot, and then apply your normal concealer on top using a cotton swap. Finish with a setting powder, and you’ll have concealed the whole thing. Win.

5 Body Spots Are Different

If you’re covering a pimple on your chest, back or arms, you need to treat it a little differently. Still use the green concealer to remove the redness, if there is any, although you can feel free to skip this if you’re hiding a skin-coloured blemish. Next, apply a concealer that matches your body skin tone. This could be different to your face, which catches the sun more, so be careful! Finally, top with a translucent powder to set. Continue alternating concealer and powder until the blemish is gone. Make sure you finish with powder, though, which will set and stop any rubbing off.

6 Foundation Can Be Emergency Concealer

If you’re stuck with no concealer, and you really need some, a liquid foundation will do instead. Apply a small dot to the area, and wait for a few moments until the mixture thickens and sets. Then blend across. The trick is the waiting! If you blend too soon, you’ll turn the foundation sheer and it’ll wipe away, leaving you without the coverage that you need.

7 The Eyes Have It

My favourite makeup tips for flawless skin tend to focus on the eyes, because my eyes suffer when I look tired! To mask that, grab a concealer that’s slightly ligher than your skin tone. Use it to line the inner V of your eyes, the middle of your eyelid, and the outside curve of your brow (not in the hair! Just underneath). Lightly blend, and you’ll look more awake than ever before. Then just hit the caffeine to keep the illusion up!

I hope these makeup tips for flawless skin help you out! They’ve definitely helped me to make sure that I’m looking healthy and awake, and to cover my blemishes well. Do you know any great makeup tips for flawless skin? Definitely share them with me!

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