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Blondes are beautiful with or without makeup. Of course, it's always fun to apply different eyeshadows and lipsticks to see what you look like. You never know what could transform you from a Plain Jane to a woman with a supermodel's style. However, if you're sick of trial and error to see what fits you best, here are a few makeup tips for ladies with light hair:

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Even if you hated playing with Barbie as a kid, you should steal some of her tips. After all, her makeup always looked amazing, didn't it? Blondes look best when they stick to wearing pinks. Since your hair is light, your makeup should be light. Of course, on a big night out, you can go bold by wearing bright red lipstick--just don't wear bright colors on your eyes when you do that, because you don't want too much to be going on at once.



Your eyebrows don’t have to be the same exact shade as your hair color, but they shouldn't be too dark either. If you aren't a natural blonde, make sure that your brows are only one or two shades darker than your hair. It's not all that hard to lighten them, so head to the salon and get it all fixed up.



Most blondes have pale skin, which means that they shouldn't wear dark shades of blush that'll look too drastic on them. You should try out pink or peach blush in order to add a bit of color to your cheeks without making them look too red. As long as you stick to soft tones on the apples of your cheeks, you'll look stunning.



As much as you love black, try to avoid it. Blondes should stick to the light theme by wearing grey, pink, or peach eyeshadows. Of course, that doesn't mean that you can't ever create a smokey eye. Just use greys instead of blacks so that your lids don't look too dark.



Since you don't want your makeup to be too dark, try out a brown mascara instead of a black one. You could even see what blue mascara looks like on you. Depending on the color of your eyes, it could be all you need to make them pop.



If your skin is pale, you need a foundation with good coverage in order to make your pimples and red splotches disappear. It's best to get gold tinted liquid foundation that matches your skin tone.



Buy brown, bronze, or copper eyeliner. If you use black and pile it on too heavy, then it will overpower your beautiful, natural features. You're supposed to be wearing makeup in order to enhance your natural beauty, not to cover up your entire face. That's why it's best to go easy on all of your makeup, so that at the end of the day, you still look like the same person.

While you don't have to follow these tips every time you leave the house, you should always keep them in mind so that you don't make any major mistakes. You want to try to make yourself up so that everyone sees how proud you are to be a blonde! How do you usually do your makeup in the morning?

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Super helpful. I'm so pale and every foundation I have tried is too dark for my skin tone. The shade is the palest one they got, too!

Blondes are more beautiful**

If you know how to play with makeup You don't need to be blonde ,and in my point of view make up suits more to the women with dark hair plus bit dark skin ,guys find them more sexier and more hot ;)

Man, this "blondes have more fun" saying is so old.

I really don't like your classifications - blonds have more fun or look beautiful with our without makeup. People who are fun have more fun and everyone can be beautiful with or without makeup.

No black hair

@Happygirl I don't think Holly was necessarily TRying to make anyone feel that way, but I didn't at all think she was trying to make it seem like blondes are beautiful? as you said everyone is beautiful, and this post was meant to inform blondes about how to use makeup correctly (not hate or trying to be insulting it seems that way I agree with most of what you are saying and also see your point :)

I notice that everyone freaks out at the blonde people stuff on this site. So look, people come in all different colors. We are who we are! Blondes have no more or less fun, and we are not more or less beautiful than any other person. We do love makeup tips geared for our coloring just like everyone else does. I am a blonde of Scandinavian descent with very fair brows and lashes. I always have my radar on for new tips on natural looking makeup. This post is spot on. Greys and browns on the eyes, sheer blush and tinted lip balm give some definition without looking harsh. I think these posts are great. Believe me, we look like clowns if we're not careful.

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