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Nothing stinks more than having to part with a container of make-up that you know has more product in it just because you can’t get to it. Even if I didn’t shell out big dollars for the make-up, I want to be able to use all of it so I get my money’s worth. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can scrounge out that last bit of make-up and use every last morsel of it. Read on for information that is going to change your life.

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Cut It Open

If you have a plastic tube of something, such as creamy blush or lip gloss, you can simply cut the top off so you can get to the product left in the bottom. Use your standard kitchen scissors to remove the top. Then you can use your finger or a cotton swab to get the last of it out of the tube.


Buy a Beauty Spoon

Never heard of a beauty spoon? Be ready for your world to be rocked. This handy little beauty product is designed for the sole purpose of scooping those tiny remnants of make-up from their containers. You can use it for all sorts of things, including facial creams, lotions and creamy cosmetics. Buy it online at beautyspoon.co.za.


Turn It into Cream

You know those stubborn chunks of blush or eye shadow that get stuck in the corners of the compacts? You don’t have to give up on ever getting them out of there. Use a sharp knife or toothpick to crack them out, then place them in the center of the compact. Add a dab of rubbing alcohol and use an extra applicator to mush the mixture into a paste. Press it down and let it sit overnight and you’re good to go.


Make Nail Polish

Sometimes, you can find a way to get the last bit of product, but you’ll have to use it in a different way. Try this little miracle with your last dabs of crushed eye shadow. Mix it into a bottle of clear nail polish and you have your own custom shade. You’ll need to stir it before each application, but how cool is this idea?


Grab a Knife

When it comes to those pump bottles of cosmetics, it’s so obvious that there is a few days’ worth left when the pump stops working to get it out of the bottle. Get those remaining applications by carefully prying the pump mechanism out of the bottle and tipping it upside down to pour the product out. This is perfect for getting the most out of your bottles of foundation.


Fill a Mug with Hot Water

When you’re down to the last bits of cosmetics that come in tubes or jars, a bit of hot water can save the day. Immerse the container in the hot water for a few minutes. This helps get the product to slide down and collect in the bottom of the container. Then you can scoop it out and use it up.


Turn Lipstick into Gloss

Tubes of lipstick are one of the most notorious products that get wasted because it’s hard to get the last bit out. This also works if you broke your lipstick. Use a cotton swab to gather those last chunks and place them in a small microwave safe container. Add an equal amount of petroleum jelly and heat for 10 seconds. Stir the mixture, then allow it to set before use.

Does wasted make-up frustrate you as much as it does me? What are solutions for getting around the problem?

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